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How it works: keeping track of threads and finding your way around

Here are the main ways that members  keep track of their forum life. (It makes more sense once you start using it, but here is is, just in case...)

General navigation

  • The site’s main forum page lists all forum topics, and there is a drop-down of all forum topics at the top of that page (called Forum Jump), as on the old site




  • A lot of members use the ‘Latest posts’ and ‘New discussions’ links at the top of each forum page to stay on top of the buzz across the whole forum:




Your personalised view

  • You can see all threads that you are subscribed to (listed by the most recently active) on the 'Followed threads' link at the top of each forum page. (This link is also in the dropdown by your name at the top right of every page, for speed). There's more about subscribing below




  • If you just want to see threads you have started, or your latest posts, these are on your My Posts page. (Again, this link is in the dropdown by your name at the top right of every page.)


Still with us? Great image  Here's how to keep track of the threads you want to see:

Subscribing to threads, and notifications

  • When you subscribe to (or 'follow') a thread, it will appear on your 'Followed threads' page, and the site will send you an email notification when someone posts on it.
  • Followed threads can be threads you’ve posted on, or any other thread you’re interested in.
  • You can either press the 'Follow this thread' button at the top of a thread:




  • Or, if you post a message, make sure the 'Email me...' box is ticked underneath (like the 'subscribe' box on the old site). (You can control whether this is pre-ticked, on your My Settings page.)




  • You can see and change the list of threads you’re subscribed to on your Settings page: 

Phew. I'd best stop there. Do ask below if you have any questions!


  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078

    Could you please insert a tool to track the levels of the forum and aid navigation back into various forums, e.g. if you open a thread called "Thread" in the section "Newlyweds", you'd see a Forum Home Newlyweds Thread navigation tracker, with links, allowing you to quickly click back onto one of the parent categories. This would be really helpful. Really, really helpful.

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    You can click back to the parent category already.

    For example, this thread is under 'you and your weddings new website'. It's written at the top of the screen above 'How it works,...blah blah'.

    Click it and bob's your aunt, you're back at the forum it's in.

  • Thanks Sean! Pretty impressive what you did there! image 

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