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where do joy dress ship from

Any one knows where do joy dress ship from ? imageimageimage


  • Hi ,I have the same puzzlement as you did  when I was going to buy dress from them ,I spend near hours to discussing with them ,you know  we need more careful when we are shopping online ,well ,the guys are nice they help me to make cleanly of what I want to know ,like how long will it take for they to delivery ,how much delivery cost ,and where do they ship from,it make me no worries to make the orders of course the results is perfect .

    For your issues ,they told me that If  I need the dress in a hurry, they will ship my parcel directly from the factory located in China; But if they  have enough time, they will get the dress from the factory first, then ship it out from UK after strictly quality

    Hope it can help you ,Gud luck !

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    Bog off!! Grrr!
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    Aha lovely use of English joy dressimage
  • You can view my wedding dress online:

    If you have any question,please feel free to contact us.

  • I'd love to have one of the dresses from this fashion show but they must be very expensive.


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