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Entertainment for 'Cocktail and Canapes hour'????

Ok so we arent the last of our friends to get married but we must be up there - this means having been to 10's of weddings in the last few years I think its about 25 we have seen all different sorts of entertainment - some of which we really enjoyed

But the dilemma is not wanting to copy or just use someones ideas especially if they will be at the wedding - I would love to be able to use my own inspiration and creative mind but I just dont have one so I am sending the question out to my other beautiful brides out there to see if any of you have any wisdom you want to share with me....PLLLLEEEEEASE!


  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    What entertainment have you enjoyed or not enjoyed in the past?

    I am considering a caricaturist- being careful to find a good one- but not sure everyone would like it? We are only having 50 guests but I am hoping it will help break the ice while H2B and I are having our photographs taken.

    Alternatively I will just put on the ipod image

  • SpangleSpangle Posts: 82

    Have you looked at having either a magician or caricaturist to keep people entertained?  I want plenty of photo time without people being bored so we are considering one of these. 

    If the weather is nice there's always outdoor game options like garden jenga etc.

    I think I read somewhere about bingo?

    Have you seen those print outs were it asks people to play wedding I spy and there's a photo equivelent one too were you give out a list and ask people to capture the moments listed. 

  • We've seen magicians and caricaturists before and although i thought i wouldnt like either (as a guest) I actually really did - havent heard about games - we had some friends that did a quiz so was thinking of doing something like that but just wondered if anyone had inspiration


    Thanks Spangle - hadnt thought about games although did look into giant jenga until H2B came out with couldnt i stay and play and didnt want to compete with jenga on my wedding day hehe!

  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    For something different, have you considered a flare (flair?) bar tender?  We had a bit of a cocktail theme for our wedding, because I met my husband in a cocktail bar where he was a barman.  He used to flare a fair bit (where they spin/throw bottles around etc) when he was younger.  There was an act on Britain's got talent a few years ago that did it very successfully which made it a bit popular again.

    It's something quite different that I've never seen at a wedding before x



  • We are having a 4-piece multi-instrumental folk band during the champagne and canap??s. Lots of changes in the instruments that they play and quite fun to watch and listen to. Not very original but it fits with the theme of our wedding and H2B and me both love folk music
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