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Anyone tried the FYEO Potraits

Hello Lovely Ladies!

So dilemma is .... havent got groom a wedding pressy and have been recommended by other brides to try the Boudoir Photoshoot idea as is interesting experience and great pressy and also nice memory of your figure before any possible children


BUT I am useless in front of the camera - has anyone else done this and could they let me know how they got on!


EEEEKKKKK! Or other groom gift ideas if i chicken out?

ali xxx


  • i am doing this for my groom too hun but my wedding photographer is doing it for me instead of going to one of these studios that cost an absolute fortune which personally is money i would rather spend on something else...... You dont need to be worried about your body or your poses in front of the camera the photographer will put you at ease and will probably take pics of you without you realising it ask your photographer if this is something they could do for you plus gives you a chance to get more comfortable with the photographer before the big day xx Hope this helps

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225
    Yes they are amazing! Do it do it do it!!!!

    I did a shoot as there was a groupon, a year or do before h2b proposed. I'm not a slim girl (wobbly 14!) and went to Chelmsford where the staff were lovely. After initial self conscious issues, the lady photographer guided me well and gave encouragement, we had such a giggle! Came out of it feeling amazing! Just to note, unless stated, they don't 'do' make up, instead they 'enhance' what your normal make up is. Be warned this can look a bit scary in nosl light. I saw my pictures in a private online gallery, they were great, didn't recognise myself. H2b got the free digital image and I bought myself an album. (So I can look back and go I wasn't half bad then! image it's also good when I have down days, fab pick me up. And h2b loves them too. If I hadn't done it then, I'd def do it now as a wedding present format other half!
  • Oh I am soooo glad someone else has done this I have chickened out so far about booking it but you have helped put my mind at ease????

    Think I might just have a sneaky drink first though a bit of dutch courage!

  • I had a secret photo shoot but not boudior with our old wedding photographer (he had to cancel). I have got the pictures made into a photobook then to give to h2b on our wedding morning. It was nice doing it with someone we knew and not having to strip so I felt at ease. There are a couple of pics on my planning thread of some of the photos he took and the finished book x
  • I will have to hunt them out and see what to expect - had a quick look on your thread and looks lovely!!!! Gorge venue!

    I noticed you have come up with a nice way to remember your mum - I may steal your ideas if ok - both my fiance and myself have lost out mums and struggling to come up with ways to remember them without it being morbid???

    Ok so i think tomorrow I will book this boudoir thing and see how I get on! Scary times!

  • Yeah steal away hun image that's what it's there for x
  • MrsVJB2BMrsVJB2B Posts: 372

    I haven't done FYEO but I have had a makeover and photoshoot. TBH I didn't realise beforehand I could do 'glamour' shots but once I was in there it was brilliant! Didn't feel at all embarrassed (and photographer was really fit haha) and just pranced about naked with gay abandon.

    There weren't any 'rude' shots but I got some really classy and tasteful ones, one of which is in my dining room.

    It was really liberating.

  • Scary times - I am all booked in now so we will see how I get on - I am definitely thinking a glass of wine beforehand????

  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Go to Nicola - have it done properly. FYEO are just as expensive and while I can't vouch for their work (it was them that initially made me want to do it) I can't say enough about Nicola (Grimshaw-Mitchell - my boudoir). She put me at ease so much and I (and hubby) LOVED the photos.

  • well am based down south so limits my options slightly!

    I am going up town next Wednesday so we shall see if I come home crying or not hehe! maybe at least they will be able to give me tips to help control the nerves in front of the camera!

    treadmill i am all yours for the next week!

  • Debs270613Debs270613 Posts: 225
    Are you going FYEO Alisonaurora? You will be fine! You won't need the treadmill, your shoot will be a bit of a workout but its fun. And your pictures WILL be gorgeous! Hope you have a fab experience xxxx image
  • Update! Yep I went and gotta say loved it!

    Very liberating! Not what I expected but love my pictures - think if i was to give any advice it would be that these people do proper Boudoir pics so go prepared and really think about the look and image you want but I have to say Alex put me soooooo at ease and although I wouldnt share these pics to the world i think i look pretty damn good which is not easy to say as someone who hates hates hates pics of themselves!

    If you are wary of being undressed in front of friends or the gym changing room then I think this would be hard to do but with just us girls Im like weve all seen it before - so GO FOR IT anyone who is in 2 minds!

    I wonder what groom will say when he see them on our wedding day this time NEXT WEEK eeeek!

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