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Tipi bar options?!

Hello everyone,


We have booked a tipi in Worcestershire for our  wedding reception. We are now trying to decide what to do about alcohol! We went to a fabulous marquee wedding where there was an honesty bar (guests helped themselves to alcohol supplied by bride and groom and donated what they wished for their drinks). It worked well but the practicalities of arranging and running this scare me a little! The other option is to find a decent mobile bar who will not charge our guests extortionate prices for drinks. This would be easier as all the equipment would be provided and we won't have to worry about anything. I have two questions really 1) has anyone ran an honesty bar And what are your thoughts? 2) can anyone recommend a mobile bar company that has experience of a tipi event?

thanks guys!


  • Hey, I'm having a tipi next August and I'm assuming your wedding has been and gone so I'm just curious to what you did or if I'm wrong what you are planning to do?



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