fab favours for tea lovers

ok, i've just ordered my wedding favours and i had to share because i am dead pleased!

i always said we weren't going to bother with favours unless we found something that really reflects our personalities etc, so for a while i thought we weren't going to have any. then we were given some tea as a gift and i checked out the website of the company.

teapigs is an awesome tea company based in london - they have a variety of different types of speciality tea, either loose or in these amazing mesh 'tea temples' which are like the best teabags ever. it's basically like having loose leaf tea, but made with the ease of a teabag.

anyway the website's here, i'm sure they can explain it better than i can: http://www.teapigs.co.uk/

so anyway, looking at the website i realised they do sample tins of 3 of the tea temples in a cute little tin - perfect for favours! so i've ordered 100, 10 of each of 10 different flavours/varieties. so everyone on each table will have a different type, and they can swap etc if they like. i think it will be a great talking point.

anyway i've just realised this post probably sounds like i'm advertising the company. i'm not - i'm just really excited! and i'm sure there are some fellow tea lovers here who might appreciate the idea.

right, i'm off for a cup of tea...


  • ChrissjoyChrissjoy Posts: 896
    Wow, what a fantastic website! I'm off to have an explore...

    I've never met anyone, apart from my fianc????, who likes tea as much as I do. I use teabags at work because a teapot isn't practical, but at home I insist on loose leaves in a tea pot - so much tastier! All kinds of tea are wonderful: black, green, white, rooibos, herb tea, fruit infusions... And I will never understand why people put milk in tea. I sometimes like milk to drink, but combining them makes both taste peculiar.

    Ok, I'll be quiet now...

    Joy xx
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Those look wonderful! I don't much like tea myself, but h2b is a big tea lover as are a lot of our family and friends! I may well consider some of these!
  • bennicuk1bennicuk1 Posts: 933
    How cool is that!! h2b is a big tea drinker and we've been wondering what to give the men as favours - tea might be a strong contender.
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    This is why I love YAYW - I find such good stuff on here! I've mailed them to ask if they would do personalised tins - I'd really love it if they could do 1 tea temple (teabag) representing h2b (he loves jasmine tea), 1 representing me (their tung ting oolong is from the country I was born in!) and 1 representing both of us (not sure yet... chili or chocolate?!). Or maybe peppermint tea for those with hangovers the next day! H2b is a total tea addict - he's never without a cup of tea! That would be so cool.

    I suppose if they can't do it, I could probably get the tins and make them myself (but that would require effort...!)
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    NaoCat - another option could be to find your own tins and get the teabags you want? Or is it their tins that you are particular fond of?
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Yeah, that's what I meant - I could get their teabags and get some tins (I was thinking IKEA or something) and make our own, with our own labels and things! Sorry, I'm obviously blabbering incomprehensibly today! image
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    LOL, it's probably my inability to read things properly today! I'd blame it on my earache, but it's not like you're actually speaking to me!!

    Making your own tins would be lovely, and people can keep tins afterwards as little trinket/pill boxes...
  • rachelcottrachelcott Posts: 79
    Another great site for tea lovers is:


    They also do the same style of teabag, and some of their blends are AMAZING (try the chocolate truffle teas...)
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Oh I adore teapigs!! The peppermint tea is the best in the whole woooooorld!

    Good choice
  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    I love the packaging - the deer ones especially, I might have to have a few of those for the wedding as they'd be very fitting for tea in the library!
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