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Menu opinions?

Hi Ladies!

As some of you will have read in the last 2 days we have scrapped the 4* hotel and are now having our reception in the church hall. It's a bit grim but we are confident it will be super!

This brings the problem of finding a caterer! I have found one who I think seems brill and the food sounds yum and very reasonable prices. However, my sister doesn't think it sounds nice image

We are having a late (3.30) ceremony in December followed by a champagne reception and an early evening buffet.

This is the menu we would like:-

Roast turkey breast with cranberry sauce; and a ham off the bone with apple & plum chutney

homecooked mushroom & green mixed herb flan

greenland prawn platter, marie rose dressing

bbq marinated chicken skewers

individual ham & cheese frittatas

herb crusted chicken goujons, roasted garlic mayonnaise dip

roasted red pepper & goat's cheese puff pastry parcels

handmade pork pies, homemade cains ale chutney

Handmade vegan sausage rolls?

Roast vegetable cous cous

minted potato salad

"Scouse" (Beef stew) with pickled red cabbage

Tofu thai green curry with wild rice (H2B's choice representing the veggie's /vegans ;\))

assorted bread rolls & butter

Vanilla cheesecake

Warm apple pie with fresh vanilla custard

Sponge, Lemon or Chocolate wedding cake (not included in buffet but will be served with)

Can't wait to hear what you think as my sis has really thrown me :\?


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  • tattbagtattbag Posts: 264
    my mouth is watering - sounds yummy!
  • That sounds great - and there's so much choice! It seems to be lacking in side dishes though - I'd want more vegetable or salad options.
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Thank you for replying! I have to admit I think my sis has lost it a bit lol I think it sounds great!

    The other salad options are:-

    rocket, tomato, parmesan & pine nut

    mixed bean, parsley & tomato

    caeser salad, shaved parmesan

    spinach, blue cheese, crispy bacon & crouton salad

    greek salad, feta cheese

    I don't which others to go for? Anyone else drooling over the spinach one lol?
  • Oh, I love all those salads, if pushed I'd go for

    The spinach one and the tomato,

    rocket and parmesan one
  • EtherealBrideEtherealBride Posts: 1,418
    Oh I love spinach, yum and blue cheese. And I agree all of the dishes sound great- there's a great choice for everyone and I'm sure that even the fussiest eater would find something they enjoy! Depending on if you have a lot of veggies/vegans there the bean one would probably be a good choice, but they all sound lovely!
  • SnowBugsSnowBugs Posts: 628
    Oooh that's made me hungry strummergirl! I think it sounds fantastic! Not at all stuffy and old fashioned like some buffets can be but very tasty and up-to-date! Love it! image
  • Can you post me one of the pork pies please?
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Oh thank you all image I feel so much better now!!

    My H2B is the only vegan and we have only 1 other veggie. H2B is well happy with sausage rolls and curry lol his faves! The caterer did say he could come up with some extra dishes that are vegan friendly. The best part is the price - £12 per head!!

  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Lol @ Mrs Jewell!

    They weren't on that menu but I had to have them lol. Well I am from up north!

  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Lol @ Mrs Jewell!

    They weren't on that menu but I had to have them lol. Well I am from up north!

  • That is a good deal - where is your caterer based? I might be interested.
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    They're based in Crosby, if you let me know I'll email you the link! I don't like to have the links to suppliers up in case they read my stuff!


  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    sounds fab!

    I love the fact you are having scouse! Noone can cook it quite like my mum !

    You have made me hungry!

    x x x x x
  • Sorry to have to ask, but where is Crosby?

  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    stbam - they have other hot dishes but I thought December = cold so scouse would be perfect image

    I have made myself hungry! Going to chat it over with H2B tonight but we have provisionally booked it!

  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Sorry to have to ask, but where is Crosby?


    Lol sorry Merseyside(i think near Southport?), I'm not entirely sure myself but we're in Liverpool

  • Cool, I'm getting married in Kendal, which isn't TOO far, I suppose.
  • My stomach is literally rumbling reading the list. Sounds great to me. Anyway, it's your day, if you're happy - go for it!! Your sister can bring her own sandwiches or something.
  • i am head bridesmaid for my friend who is getting married next year on a really strict budget and she has asked me to sort out the brunch venue and the food! Never been under so much pressure in my life lol!

    She is getting married in Crosby though, would you mind sending me the link to the caterers? they sound fab! image
  • zivatonyzivatony Posts: 337
    Hi Strummergirl - your church hall sounds beautiful & is exactly what I would have wanted if we had more guests coming. I love that kind of laid back beauty - have you seen Lula Sweetpea's wedding pics - her marquee was decorated in a kind of shabby-chic manner and looks beautiful - might be just the thiing to spruce up a church hall - bunting, paper lanterns etc?

    Sorry - back on topic now!

    Your wedding menu sounds about ten times more varied than mine-LOL! I think you've gone out of your way to think about everyone and you know what - if someone doesn't like one thing they can move on to the other 20 amazing options that you've chosen! Then there's always the cakes - yum! Have what you want luv, and most importantly what you are happy to afford - it's not as if you're being stingy and not having plenty of options now is it! Don't let your sis put you off your fab menu - wish mine was as varied, I'm afraid my buffet will just be the bog standard hotel buffet -scotch eggs and stale sarnies variety! But I won't care either-LOL!


    M x
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    As long as your h2b and the veggie get first pick of the vegan food, you'll be fine!! There's nothing worse than buffets with limited vegan food...everyone seems to go for that first and leave nothing of it!

    Sounds like absolutely loads of choice though, I'm sure you'll cater to all tastes with that lot! And a bargain too.
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    The menu sounds fab hun, I'm hungry now!

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    menu sounds wonderful - and better than buffets I've had in 4* places, to be honest.

    I'd go for the caesar salad, but that's cos I like caesar salad! obv, could be a hitch with the veggies if it's properly made (the dressing has anchovies in it when made correctly).

    But as I said, sound v.g. to me
  • WitchyAnneWitchyAnne Posts: 849
    Agreed! Sounds perfect but with more salad!
  • Hi Strummer girl, that's exactly the same sort of do as we're having minus the scouse lol!!

    We're marrying at 3pm, having drinks on the lawn, then eating around 6pm.

    Just a quick question for you. Are you providing any other food later on?

    I couldn't decide whether we should or not. People wouldn't want another buffet and probably wouldn't be hungry but what if they were? We were thinking maybe cheese and biscuits to go with the wedding cake around 9.30 ish. How are you doing it? any advice mucho appreciated
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Hey ladies thanks for the replies! This is an old thread lol!

    We have definitely gone for this but we are trading the frittatas for a selection of vegan pies (including sausage and baked bean!) Lol!

    Sally we aren't doing food later on as frankly I can't be bothered lol! What we are going to do is just have the buffet desserts out and then cut the cake and everything after the buffet is finished. We'll then put that out from about 8.30 on. Hope that's some use!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Sausage and baked bean pie sounds amazing!! One of our friends has been talking about baked bean lasagne and I'm dying to give it a go!
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Ooh my other half would love that! These vegan lincolnshire sausages we buy and beans are like his favourite thing in the world. And people think he must just eat vegetables!

  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Vegetables? Wow. We get told we must only eat rabbit food! image

    The Linda McCartney sausage rolls are vegan, and yummy with chips and beans! As are the normal sausages.

    And the cornish pasties...

    We're got some curly fries in the freezer, I may just have to go and whack 'em in the oven. Feeling hungry now!
  • yum! stick some plain bit in there too.. so many flavours need a bit of balancing out! so maybe some rice, fresh salad without dressing, bread rolls etc? x
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