what have people made?

hi all,

i have been experimenting with making crystal bouquets for a few weeks and last night, i got something wrong so i screwed it up in a ball and chucked it. i then realised i had made a super center piece for a bouquet.

so was wondering what everyone else has made.

im also planning on making button holes, (mens and ladies), my garter (mainly because my thighs measure 15inches so shop ones fall off), amongst other things.

i am now going to attempt to put pictures on although i have never done this sucessfully before. image


  • this is the childrens posy, if it works x


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    I love it iansprincess! It's so different and stylish, almost Art Decoish. I've made (or in the process of making) my invitations, cake, orders of service, centrepieces, veil, and assembling favours and party bags. (I think that's it). I would never do it again - there is a reason people get paid vast sums to make invitations, so you don't have to stay up until 1 in the morning on a school night! I was really pleased with them but being a completely mad control freak does not a good night's sleep make!
  • iv done my invites too, but i work in a printers so its not too much of a chore for me. whta sort of cake are you having? i was too scared to attempt cake but im not making a huge 3 tiered chocolate rice crispy cake!

    do you think you have saved a lot of money? im not sure that i have as hobby craft have had a fortune from me what with all the 'trials' but i really enjoy knowing that i have made it myself, and you cant buy that.

    are you from leeds or is that something else, im in wakefield x
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    So far I've got my invitations about 80% made. I've done all the awkward bits, just need to do the inserts and tie on some ribbon. I have also made some of my place cards, and have a lot more in bits. I still plan on doing table cloths, favors, menu's and probably Order of service as well. I do have quite a bit of time though occassionally lack in patience. I am up for some good ideas on centerpieces though as I'm not allowed candles at my venue and flowers will cost the earth as its the day before Mothers Day.

    Bah! can't type.

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    Have you tried arranging flowers in bud vases or champagne glasses? Our centrepieces are two roses in a bid vase with some long grass bits, which i'll thread beads over. They look really pretty and you're only paying for two flowers per table. I might put the bud vase on a mirror too (you can get 4 mirrors in a pack for £5 from IKEA) and i've got glass tealights to surround it. All in all costing £5ish per table as we're borrowing the tealight holders and the bud vases from someone!
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    Hiya this is my first post but I would like to say I am amazed by how creative you all are. I am not in the slightest bit artisstic but my h2b is so he will be making invitations centrepieces etc.. he's actually getting very excited about it while I get more excited about getting my budget planner and highlighter pens out. As you may have guessed we don't conform to traditional gender roles but we make a good team anyway. However I must say that I am getting a bit envious of those of you who are so involved in creating those personalised touches.
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    I was dead chuffed with my place cards, and even more chuffed when most people took them home

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    They are beautiful, simple and elegant just my style.
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    iansprincess - I'm from leeds but live in Norwich. I'm making a five tiered chocolate orange, Tia Maria flavoured fruit cake (sounds horrendous but is lovely I promise!) I'm a little bit scared but SIL2B is giving me a hand. I love the idea of a 3 tiered rice crispy cake - who wouldn't love that?!
  • ha ha ha! i was meant to put im now making a huge rice crispy cake but i wrote not making, how silly am i?
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    Love your bouquet 'Iansprincess' very stylish, please don't screw anymore up!

    Also love your place cards 'Mrs McNomore', they look so professional.

    Everyone's so creative, I'm dying to have a go at making something, but it's a little early for me, my weddings not until Aug 2010 and I know if I make anything now I'll change my mind about it in a few months I'm too much of a perfectionist!
  • They're ace, iansprincess, how did you make those?! x
  • they're just beads, wire and a lot of time and experimentation! anyone know how to make a tiara (crystal of course)? x
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    We've made all our invitations and orders of service. I have also spent the last week cutting out fabric flowers and sticking them into large polystyrene balls to make shabby chic lollipop trees as centrepieces! I have to admit, they look great!

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  • hi all

    loving the creatvity around here!! whoohooo

    we get married in france on the 13th sept. theme is vintage

    i've made:


    place cards

    service sheets

    giant lace bows for the marquee poles (I bought various lace fabrics from charity shops, and used flexible wire from a DIY shop)

    I've also been buying various old lampshades (tassled, and floral ones) from car boots and charity shops- we're clustering them together with string and hanging them from the centre of the marquee as a feature.

    we're having small olive trees as the centre pieces, but also old crockery where we're going to put rose heads and various flowers in.

    am making the table plan too- i've bought these silver hearts which are going to have the table names on, and guests names on the reverse. these are all going to be hanging in a blossom tree in the garden for people to refer to, and then repeated on the table.

    honestly cannot wait! xx
  • oh and the guest book!

    have bought a book from Liberties for people to write their messages in, but we're also having a canvas on an easle next to the table. it will be a painting of a tree (not done this yet!), and on the table will be an ink pad (AND wet wipes!). we're going to ask each guest to thumb print on the tree to signify the leaves. hopefully we will have a blooming tree, and a lovely painting we can keep on the wall of our house!

    we shall see of course! haha
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    Such pretty things! gorgeous crystal bouquet and really lovely simple place cards.

    i'm a total saddo crafter so have made:

    bead flower arrangement for the side table (work in progress definitely)

    necklaces and bracelets that double up as napkin rings and favours

    place cards - i'm half arabic so have done them arabic on one side and english on the other

    stamped lots of tags which are white on the other side so people can write us a message or doodle and put it on a heart frame i've bought

    oh and the stick that goes up the back of my Betty Boop cake topper (ha ha!) she won't stand up on her own.

    and my mum made the most amazing job of my invites.

    Here's the start of my experimental bouquet made out of beads but feel free to have a snoop around at the other stuff here....

    http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm49/nadiaelghamry/stuff for wedding/

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    I've made invitations too (to our post-wedding party). Well that's a lie, I haven't actually made them yet, but there's a pile of silver card and purple flowery paper and dried leaves in the other room...

    My mum is making some christmas tree decorations for us as favours. They're little cross-stitch windmills and she's backing them with felt- they look fab! I've also done an information booklet for our guests with all the details of our wedding,

    That bouquet looks amazing Nadia!
  • H2b designed and drew our invites on the computer and then we assembled them together. He is also making the cake topper out of clay.

    I spent a happy day on Tuesday watching the Olympics and folding together favour boxes and then making confetti cones out of doillies.

    Everyone is very crafty on here, looks great!


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    love the place names mrs mcnomore.

    Nadia the bouquets are gorgeous.

    Everyone is so creative.

    between my mother, friend, cousin and I, we made 2 crystal and feather fascinators, order of service, seating chart, name cards, favour boxes, signing frame (that wasn't used) cake, sashes for bridesmaids dresses, 2 corsages for moh's, decorated wooden fans.
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Nadia they are lovely. How did you make them? I see larger versions as interestimg centerpieces.
  • come on ladies show us your pics!

    i need as much inspiration as i can get.

    love the thumb print idea. i was looking at getting a big clay? type thing, you know the ones you can get for baby handprints, only a big block and ask everyone to draw / write something. we'll only have 11 guests so we'd have to have a very small tree! x
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    We're going to be doing a lot of crafting - we both love it though so it'll be fun!

    We're doing our own invites, B is going to draw something for the main part, and I will assemble the inserts including drawn maps etc.

    I'm going to do my own my own flowers.

    (Nadia, I used to make wire flowers and dragonflies for cards, must start doing that again as it is so much fun!)

    B has decided he wants to make and decorate our wedding cake - fine by me!

    I'm going to put little books together for the kids with colouring pages, puzzles and so on.

    Place cards, menus, order of day/service will all be handmade...

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of the tree painting on the canvas....can I use that idea too, pretty please? A line drawing of a tree is one of the ideas for inside the invitation. We were also thinking of giving trees as favours to the VIP guests image

    I'm trying to think what else...

    Oh, I will probably have little cut out hearts or birds on ribbons with different love quotes, hanging from the trees in the roof garden.

    I'm actually really looking forward to starting on the DIY stuff!

    Iansprincess, your posy is lovely!
  • SOOOOO happy that people like the tree/ canvas idea. have been umm-ing and aahh-ing! about it.

    Ruthemily- go for it!

  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    the flowers were really easy just took lots of time and patience and a LOAD of seed beads, but hey, it gives me something to do on the train into work (lots of funny looks from other commuters but who cares)

    Jeski - can email you back if you want detailed instructions - just let me know. In a nutshell...

    The long ones sticking up in the picture (one bead on a wire) were ace fun. It's flower making with power tools. you get a long piece of wire, thread your bead onto it, fold it in half. then you get a power drill (woo hoo!) and put a cup hook into the bit end hold your wire in pliers in one end, thread the cup hook through the other and drill until you have a really twisted wire.

    the alliums (big pom pom type things) are polystyrene balls that you get from art shops painted black then i put red beads onto black wire (you can put loads on one piece of wire and kind of twist the wire inbetween to hold them on) and then just pin them to the polystyrene ball.

    the chrysanthamum style flowers are a piece of black wire, thread on a seed bead then thread the wire back through so it catches, put on a load of beads then thread another seed bead on the other end. do about 30 of them then just bend them in half and wrap wire around the middle then you just need to bend them into shape.

    that's probably more info than you wanted - and it is completely useless instructions!!image

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  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    No please do email me the full info. I am really keen to try them! I think they would look gorgeous in bunches for centerpieces, and I could get them to match my colours exactly! Ooops that sounds a bit bridezilla! But I am having problems cos I have something like twelve tables, no candles allowed, and its the day before mothers day so actual flowers are out too. Plus as I said I couldn't get the colours.
  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    I have been making flowers too - stopped for a bit as my fingers hurt so much with sewing!

    I wanted my bouquet to be as different as possible and I want to be able to keep it.

    The men are also going to have them as buttonholes too. I am thinking of a smaller one on a band as a choker, but not sure yet.

    Here is what my flowers are like so far.


    I love the bead flowers - I may have a go at making some and mixing them in!

  • Hey girls, sorry to butt in but was just wondering - for those of you who are making/have made your cakes, where did you get the decorations (eg iced flowers/hearts or whatever)? I've bought a Tesco cake but want to decorate it nicely! Ta! xo
  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    Jubline they are absolutely super cute and gorgeous. Have you seen this bride's bouquet?

    will type up some bits into an email this weekend.

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  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    That picture is what inspired me to make mine!!

    I collect buttons so I am using some of my collection for my flowers - my buttons all mean things to me - some are off clothes that were so loved, but fell apart and I kept the buttons etc.

    My fingers hurt so much though as the felt is thick and the embroidery thread means I have to use a needle with a big eye!

    Please do post some details on how to make yours as I would love to mix some beads flowers in with mine!

    Thanks very much.

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