JOB OFFER!!!!!!! :D

I just had to post and say...

I got the job I went for! image :\) image

- It's closer to home, only about 20-30min drive or a short train ride. I could leave at the same time I leave now and get into work EARLY! I can claim back 2 hours of my day!

- It's a total 9-5 job apparently (and even if I left at 6, I'd still get back earlier than I get back now!)

- It's more family friendly. I can't even begin to figure out how I'd have children and keep the job I have now, but I can totally see how I could fit it in there.

- It's something different - moving away from IT which I have been doing for 10 million years, into a new area (supplier relationship management, which as far as I can see is just being nice to people image )

- It's slightly more money! But less than I'd get if I was going to wait till my promotion date at the end of the year. However - it's not in the City so I'd expect to get less anyway, and I will save about 100 quid a week on travelling in and out of London on nasty crowded smelly trains!

So... who thinks I should take the job?



  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What amazing news image

    I would love a commute like that and it sounds so suited to you - a nice change and just what you were after. I'd say take it even if it was less money!

    We will miss you here in London thoughimage
  • Yay congratulations!! Your new job title sounds lovely and I bet you'll be very good at being nice to people for a living!

  • esf_rayesf_ray Posts: 394
    Congratulations!!!!! I say go for it!
  • Congratulations, sounds absolutely fab. And you'll be much better off next year since the train companies in London are threatening price hikes of 6%.
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Oh darling CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I've been in a meeting so only just saw this - I am STOKED for you but will miss you; I really like having a lunch buddy!

    Take it, take it, take it - I just expect to be invited to one of your legendary BBQs every once in a while so we stay in touch! image

    What notice period do you have to give where you are?
  • Aaah, congratulations! I was always most unenvious (is that a word?!) of your commute. How fabulous that you will be closer to home. Although you did seem to come up with many of your most interesting and thought-provoking posts during the commute...maybe you will have to make trips in to London every now and then, just to ensure that we still have plenty of good debates! x
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Congratulations! Go for it!
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Ooh, I got an error message and didn't think this had posted, and I come on here and you're all so lovely... oo I think I am full of the joys of loveliness today. image

    My notice period is 13 weeks which seems AGES. But I am so not enjoying the job at the moment (not just the commute, the whole Woman In A Man's World thing) so to see light at the end of the tunnel is fantastic. And they might let me off early, you never know!

    Don't worry about the London thing - I can still come in for socials! (I will miss gindi for lunch though!) I went out with some old work friends last night actually and three of us lived out of town, so I'm sure we could still do that.

    I'm now sort of nervous as was waiting for them to send the job details through, and I won't really believe it's properly real until I see it! Gah!

    As for pondering... I have to say I've always pondered way too much, and I'm sure I'll find plenty of time to fit it in! image
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Hello, I don't chat to you, well ever I don't think, but I read your posts all the time.

    Congratulations on the job offer. You sound very effervescent, and I think you've already made your decision. Good luck in your new endeavour.
  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    Wooo! I've just seent his and know how good the light at the end of the tunnel feels - and the less commute too will make SUCH a difference! Congratulations and go for it!!!

    (I need to ask now though... where (roughly) do you live? I have this feeling you live near me but that might be because I am geographically inept...)
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    Go for it hun!!! Congratulations!!!

  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Hi Dusty, I live in Sussex down towards Brighton (nearish to Gatwick). And very near to anilokin! She lives in a village really near me. I live in a tiny village that is sort of in the middle of nowhere... I have to drive 10 min to the nearest station and supermarket. In our village we have a Post Office cum Newsagent, a bakery cum convenience store, a - shock! new! progress! - deli... and 3 pubs! You know what their priorities are! image

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes! I really hope it happens... aagh... the waiting...! (To clarify: it got offered by phone, but I'm waiting for the detaily things to come through... gah!)
  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    Oh I've just seen this - well done you! Where is this new job based? I'm hoping it's near me and then we can be lunch buddies amd of an evening we could hop on the train into town for a wierd bride meet! Congratulations............
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Wow, well done you! I'm so happy to read this!

    Sounds like you've already made your decision, but in case you're dithering....TAKE IT!

    Everything about it sounds so so much better than your current job, which I know has been getting you down.

    Congratulations, chickadee! x
  • WitchyAnneWitchyAnne Posts: 849
    Yay for you and OF COURSE take the job!! image
  • Hurrah! Congratulations, although I think you should blatantly go back to uni to do a PhD and ponder to your hearts content! You would be ace at it!
  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    NaoCat - That explains it. I don't actually live near you, I've got my blonde sense of geograbhy going on again. In my head, Brighton=seaside, I'm sort of near Southampton=seaside therefore we live near each other. Um... no image

    Your village sounds a bit like our old one but even smaller... It was nice, but I think I like Winchester better. I've always been a townie (I'm ashamed, but it's true - I love the countryside, but everything is so far away!) and the silence in the village freaked me out!
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Hee hee Dusty Moth! I don't even live in Brighton! It's about half an hour's drive away (or 20 min on the train) but I just tell people in London that I live near Brighton otherwise they get confused.

    Had some more good news today. The guy who helped get me the job (who I know from work) encouraged me to negotiate, and I managed to get a higher offer from them! Even though I'd have been happy to take the original offer! Sigh... I can see light at the end of the tunnel... hurrah!
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    congratulations! well done. I am green of envy, jealous...image

    image image image

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  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Nao did you get the official stuff?
  • tsarinauktsarinauk Posts: 863
    well done Nao Cat that's brilliant xxx
  • Darkangel79ukDarkangel79uk Posts: 1,042
    A huge bouquet of cingratulations to you sweet, I imagine that you will find it rather easy being nice to people all day image
  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    Ooh I missed this post the other day, not sure how!

  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Well done Miss Nao! That is stupendous! Sounds like a fab opportunity for you and no more nasty trains full of sweaty smelly people!

    Must do more cheeky lunches/drinks whilst we still have you in the big bad city!
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    NaoCat, what SUPER news!

    You must be thrilled.

    I haven't been around much as I've been dashing about but I had to offer my congratulations x

    Well done you. :\)
  • EtherealBrideEtherealBride Posts: 1,418
    Oh I only just spotted this- congratulations! xx
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Thanks everyone!

    I realised it may have come across as gloating a bit so I REALLY hope nobody thinks I am. It's just I have been really miserable with my job lately so it's just such a relief to see a way out finally! Also the commute has just been killing me (3hrs a day) so to cut it down to an hour a day will be fantastic.

    I submitted all the relevant paperwork so I'm just waiting for them to check it (ie am I who I say I am, etc) so then - fingers crossed - I'll receive the job offer. I guess it will be either this afternoon or tomorrow. I'm just waiting on tenterhooks as I'm dying to quit my job! I don't want to do it till I have the formal letter!

    The other thing is that my project finishes end of the week so unless I've handed in my notice, I'll probably get stuck on another one, which would be a right drag! I'm hoping that I can get that sorted and avoid it!

    Anyway thanks for all the good wishes! It means a lot!
  • Good luck and congratulations - sounds a fantastic chance for a new start too. I moved from working in London to the West Midlands 3 years ago (after moving in with my H2B) and cut down a 2 hours each way (so 4 hours a day) commute to 3/4 hour each way. I've never looked back - apart from the big drop in salary of course. But being with my other half and having that time to spend together makes all the difference.
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