Can anyone explain...

why there seem to be twice as many anniversary cards for husbands to give to their wives as for wives to give to their husbands? :\?

I just went into Clinton's to get my husband a card for our anniversary on Monday and there was almost nothing for wives to husbands. Dozens for husbands to wives, several for girlfriends to boyfriends and one 'To my partner' (surely missing a trick given that civil partnerships have been going for over a year now :rollimage. But only about seven or eight for wives to husbands, all of which seemed to include overblown, poorly expressed sentiments. I have ended up with what I can only define as the least offensive, but I am quite annoyed by the lack of choice.

Can anyone think why this situation might exist? (Or is it just my local branch of Clinton's?)


  • bubble79bubble79 Posts: 753
    I've struggled to get birthday and Christmas cards that say 'To My Fiancee' that aren't for hm to send to her. I end up making my own.

    image LP
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Ooh, I know what you mean but I never get ones like that (possibly because I'm not married!). I mean I don't even get the ones 'to my boyfriend' or 'to my loved one' or whatever. I think they're a bit sicky. I don't really like cards with lots of soppy words in (esp poems/doggerel!) as I'd rather write my own.

    It was our anniversary on Monday though and my top tip is Paperchase. We always get each other multiple cards (it's something J started) so I got one for J with two cats on - not a soppy thing as they were cartoony things with clothes on! - and it was quite kitsch and funny (esp as one looks like Mewie). And the other one was two bears in a heart. Actually they both sound gross but they were more kitschy cute than photos. They had quite a few. I prefer getting blank cards and writing something in that's personal. I also like all the photography cards that you get in eg WHSmith.
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Asah Mrs Jessicad, I have been wondering the same - I've been looking at said cards since I got engaged last year in anticipation of receiving one from my hubs on our 1st anniversary.

    The same goes for birthday cards as I couldn't find a choice of beautiful 'to my hubs' cards in rhe shops (not even in confetti). Maybe we should start a petition or campaign of some sort - write to the major card chains and demand decent to my hubs cards.

    On an aside, I find that there also aren't a lot of very nice 'to my Dad/Daddy/Father' cards either. I think I may write a letter to Clintons, come to think of it.
  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    I'm with Little princess. make your own. loads of fun and very personal
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Oh gawd, don't get me started on fathers' cards. They all seem to have golf, cars or sailing on them... it's so naff! Even though my dad is into both golf and sailing!

    The one he really liked one year was one from M&S that had 3D slippers on! He thought it was funny!
  • Ooh, spunkychic, I'll sign any letter/petition you like! I'm not asking for much, just something with 'To my husband on our anniversary' and then either 'Happy anniversary' or (even better) nothing inside. At least the one I have has nothing more offensive than 'Loved you then/ Love you now/ Always have/ Always will' in it, which does have the merit of being true. image

    I'm afraid my creativity doesn't run to card making (I tend to go for the writing route, hence the desire for blank cards) and my options here are limited to Clinton's, Morrison's or the charity shops, all of which are rather hit-and-miss. But it was really the imbalance that annoyed me as much as anything else. Do they think that wives don't want to give their husbands' cards to mark their anniversaries? And what does that say about contemporary assumptions about domestic gender relations?!

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  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Or cards to dads have a blinkin football on the front. My father is of West Indian origin, and used to play cricket, has a high level of intelligence and can tell you anything about geography, numbers, football, cricket, history (I love my Daddy).

    Anyhow, what intelligent well rounded individual wants a card with sports card on the front every year.

    Mrs jessicad (I should be working on an essay right now) but I think the makings of a letter to Clintons is the moment. Like you've said, I don't want a card with any writing inside just to my ......... on the front.
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Do they think that wives don't want to give their husbands' cards to mark their anniversaries?

    No, I think they just think that wives don't give tacky impersonal cards to their husbands on wedding anniversaries! :P

    There ARE nice cards out there... I think wives probably just make more effort to buy really personal ones - I bet the To My Husband ones don't sell so well.

    Oh and re: making cards... I think it's quite easy even if you are not that creative/in a rush. One of the things I sometimes do is use photos. If you trim them nicely and maybe stick on some extra bits, it looks quite good! Plus everyone likes that you've made something specialy for them.
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I always think the 'to my wife' ones look like apologetic grovelling cards to accompany the very suspicious bunch of flowers!

    Which is, of course, absolutely stupid!

    I tend to make one, or buy a plain one which I then, ahem, customise!

    Or I'll buy the most ridiculously soppy card in the shop just for a good laugh!

    I'll sign a petition, especially if it's about gender relations!
  • HestiaukHestiauk Posts: 135
    The thing that I find difficult is finding birthday cards for H2B birthday in December... I know, my organisation skills leave a lot to be desired and I should buy it well in advance, but card shops seem to forget that people sometimes need to buy cards in December that aren't Christmas related in any way!
  • saf28saf28 Posts: 645
    No you're not alone...

    When I needed a 'to my boyfriend card' all I could find was 'to my fianc????'... when I needed a fianc???? card, all they had were boyfriend ones... ARGHHHHH

    I went down the card making route (and was actually rather pleased with myself!) and managed to recycle some bits and pieces from favours I've collected from other weddings - I feel very ecological with my efforts - and it doubles up as another 'paper' present!


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