I was just in the kitchen with my h2b and I randomly thought 'how weird must it have been for the first woman to wear trousers' ...I wear them from time to time but more often than not wear a skirt.

Anyway to cut a long story short are there any other firsts that either you've experienced or that you think 'woah that must've been strange' that you'd like to share?

Sorry if I've not explained myself properly!


  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I know exactly what you mean! I often think about 'firsts' - more usually as someone who first tested an invention than something I've done. I always think about things like lightbulbs, TV and all the things we take for granted now! They must have been really weird and exciting when first used! And the trouser thing really would be strange!
  • I often think about it in terms of food - like how did they invent bread and who learnt to peel bananas and cook meat etc.

    Most recently i wondered what genius mind came up with the plot of mamma mia to fit around all the abba songs!!
  • yeah you're right sallycinnamon I wondered about the bread thing I mean it's sooo flaming complicated making bread!

    And which things you ought to eat raw and which things you should cook....and there are sooo many different ways to cook eggs...hmmm?!

    I think with the trouser thing it must have been the ultimate fashion statement to stop wearing dresses/skirts and start wearing some schools we're still going through the change! xx
  • In a slightly different way, I often wonder about the first time people do weird things with their bodies which become party tricks. What makes them think, 'I know if I just turn my eyelids inside out'?

    Cooking meat is the other one, surely that must have been an accident the first time?
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    How did someone realise that my pulling cow's udders that you could drink what comes out????


    x xx
  • lol yeh i have a few weird party tricks...that should be the next thread lol....can't remember how i discovered it though but imagine the dire consequences of the flame eater who couldn't! xx
  • Maybe that is how we started cooking meat LOL
  • lol stbam very true...and who knows there may be other stuff we COULD do but haven't done it yet...let's pull on everything we possibly can lol! xx
  • ka5eka5e Posts: 291
    I want to know how they thought of computers and how the internet began... I'm a data engineer so it's very interesting to me how everything was put together in the first place and how they actually thought of it!

    Also, how did they discover how to make glass?

    My personal firsts are... learning to drive and playing the drums - both seemed so strange at first but now come second hand and I had always thought, with wonder, how do you make that look so easy, especially when I was a beginner!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    I tend to think about things that happened a really really long time ago.

    Like who worked out that you could eat blackberries, but not the red ones on trees. Or who worked out that you could eat that mushroom, but not that one. I mean, I assume somebody died because of eating the wrong one at some stage (or quite a lot of people for the knowledge to have become widespread) - but how did they work out that it was that that killed them, and not some other random thing?

    I also wonder about things like, who figured out that the recipes in the bagdhad cookbook (medieval cookbook) weren't such a good idea (they used white lead and arsenic as colourants) - and who worked out that it was because of that?

    On the trouser thing, people got very, very upset in the nineteenth century when women in mines wore trousers for safety. called them all sorts of nasty names.
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    I wonder who first thought that women should be equal to men, such as being able to be educated, do typically 'manly' jobs and earning a wage etc. I know there have been plenty of people in the past who thought this and enabled us to be where we are today - but it must have been quite a big thing in the beginning to say - hey, wait a sec - how come I shouldn't do that just because I'm female? If everyone else just accepts something then it must be quite weird to challenge the norm.
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    Naocat - I wonder who (much longer ago) first thought that women *shouldn't* be equal to men? (Since presumably someone must have been the first to say "You can't do that, you're female").

    I also wonder about the food thing ... particularly things that are really difficult to eat, like oysters or crab - or things that look inedible but taste nice, like blue cheese - I always think "someone must have been *really* hungry to work out you could eat this..."

  • Darkangel79ukDarkangel79uk Posts: 1,042
    Irbpie I find that interesting too because in very very early Pagan tims women were very much equal and in fact worshipped at the creators of life.

    There is the Dan Brown thing that the Catholic church started all kinds of propaganda to take that away to strengthen their newer Church but that is, well, you know, a book.

    When I was yonger and pondered about how people thought to cook meat, I figured that there was probably once a forest fire or something that burnt the animals and the neanderthals were like "Well lets not waste the food", and maybe even rather chuffed that they didn't have to go out and catch it and instead have a relaxing Sunday playing rock snooker with the lads....and then discovered it to taste better.

    I'd have been a rubish Neanderthal being a veggie...

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    that's a good point about who first thought that women weren't equal to men.

    there are records of women in medieval times serving apprenticeships in things like plastering and blacksmithing (ok, if their husband had a different trade they'd be likely to give that up, unless it was something like ale making, and help their husbands, but they did it in the first place).

    so must be relatively recent. the idea of women not being allowed to do 'traditionally' male jobs I mean.

    also good point on the cooking of meat. in fact, how did they figure out that anythingtasted better cooked - dropping things in a fire??? basic curiosity (I wonder what would happen if...)???
  • I think the one I tend to wonder about is the whole thinking that maybe the world isn't flat. It just seems like it turns everyone's basic assumptions upside down. I mean I know how confused I'd feel if someone turned round now and said actually the world is square/flat/etc.
  • Yes MrsSmythe2be, that has got me thinking, in 50-100-1000 years from now, what will future b2b's be talking about. I mean, what will happen in our life time that will change the world?

    My Granny wrote an essay when she was in school about 'the future' and it was supposed to be a fantasy. She wrote about a man walking on the moon and a tunnel being built under the channel. She lived to see both and one of her sons was an engineer building the Chunnel!
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