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When did it feel real?

Today I picked up my evening dress for the wedding and also popped into the jewelers and tried on my wedding ring as it had arrived in our local store.

I've booked everything I need to, I've had about a million wedding conversations, I have a dress. Heck, I've even (very recently) managed to say my full married name out loud after refusing to for fear of jinxing the whole thing.

And still it somehow doesn't seem real? So when did it feel real for you guys? I have this funny feeling it may take till he has his hand in mine and starts to say "I will.." before I truly believe that I'm actually really getting married and this isn't all a very strange dream.

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  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    It still doesnt feel entirely real for me. I picked up our wedding rings last week and me and H2B kept trying them on lol - still didnt feel real.

    I get the feeling its suddenly going to hit me as my music comes on before I walk into the room. Even then it may even feel a little surreal.

    I suspect its gonna be weird first of all to be a Mrs. Seems very "old" and grown up for some reason image

    I'm kind of hoping the enormity of it all doesnt kick in too soon otherwise I think I'll go crazy!

  • For me, it was when I got my wedding dress home! I got it mid july, first fitting 1st week September, I tried it on with my mum and its was a big shock to me that it was all real !!

    I've been nervous ever since, just til 6th November to go!
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340

    I get the feeling its suddenly going to hit me as my music comes on before I walk into the room. Even then it may even feel a little surreal.

    I think this was when it really hit me! Leaving work a few days before and travelling up north also made it a bit more realistic. But I think it was when we were back from honeymoon that I really felt 'married'. Up until then it'd been a bit of an adventure and a dream!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I keep having 'wow, this is actually real' moments and then they fade again!

    It seems to be when we book something - especially when we paid the venue and registrar deposits, that made it real for a while.

    I still can't get my head entirely round the whole thing. It worries me sometimes that I've not really thought the enormity of it through properly, but I know I have - it's just hard to imagine it all as I've never ever done anything like it!
  • ska_girlukska_girluk Posts: 581
    I'm like ruthemily, it keeps on coming and going very randomly! It'll suddenly dawn on me we are embarking are quite a major important part of our lives, I will have a slight panic about it, then 5 minutes later it's gone and I'm wondering off to make a cup of tea!!

    I reckon it won't hit fully until I walk into the ceremony room, because until then I'll be panicking that things haven't been planned right or things aren't in the right place or many other things. So my mind will be kept busy right up until I walk into the ceremony room and I realise there's nothing more I can do!!
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    It felt real about 2 weeks after the wedding. Will be 9 weeks married tomorrow. When I was getting dresses 1 & 2 fitted and doing the last minutes bits, I felt like something big was about to happen, but I didn't feel how I thought I would - excited, jumping around like a na na.

    The morning of the wedding I felt like I was watching me in a tv show. I can't remember saying my vows, as once again it was as if I was watching telly, and I remeber think that I want to pause the show.

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  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    well I'm not at the real feeling stage yet (just over 3 months to go).
  • I'm still in denial, although I do have AGES (next June) to go...
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    We've got just under 6 weeks to go but I ahve to say I had a 'real' moment when we were trying on wedding rings... seeing M wearing a ring and thinking that soon it will be obvious that we are married if we are together, even without having to tell people!... That was a great moment image
  • EtherealBrideEtherealBride Posts: 1,418
    I just picked up my invitations from the printers and it definitely feels more real now. Now that we've got something written with our names and the date on it really feels as though it's happening!
  • nickkipnickkip Posts: 686
    Strangely enough, the reality set in this week! I think its fair to say that I've had the odd 'challenging period' in my life. I have a very strong faith and I know that God has a plan for me, I just wonder sometimes if his version of Microsoft Project might not be corrupt for my particular life image

    Everytime something seems to be going right, I seem to experience a 'hiccup'. I think its fair to say that I had convinced myself for the past year that if I threw myself into the planning, this niggling fear, that H2B would disappear or something would go horribly wrong, would quietly vanish. And then it did, nothing momentous, I was sat on the sofa with him and I suddenly realised he wasn't going anywhere.

    Followed quickly by.. oh my goodness, its real.. I'm really getting married! Ever since, my every waking moment, instead of this queasy fear invading my thoughts, is filled with excitement and hope and.. oooh this is really how its supposed to feel!! I just hope it dies down as its not good to be so distracted whilst I'm in the middle of a huge accounting investigation at work lol!
  • lozzlepoplozzlepop Posts: 677
    It all started feeling very real last Saturday morning. We weren't doing anything special, just lying in bed chatting and it suddenly hit me that I'm marrying this wonderful man. I started crying and just have again thinking about it.

    I've still got 14 months til I get married so I hope that isn't the best bit done.
  • Reality struck for me on the day of the wedding when I reached that point in time when I had to actually start getting ready. I got the shakes and got completely irrational about everyone in the room with me's actions. I think it was more real fear that I'd got so close to marrying the man of my dreams and that something was going to go wrong and I was never going to get him - not that I was paranoid or over emotional or anything!
  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    Lilelf - your answer just bought tears to my eyes! That's exactly it - it is exactly how I feel too!

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