pathetic plea for shoe help

Ok i think i may be becoming dependent on you guys. I have a pathetic and needy plea for help with my shoes. feel free to tell me to give myself a kick and stop obsessing about insignificant things.

I bought a pair of black patent peep toe shoes to go with my fifties dress. but to be honest, while they look nice they don't make my heart leap. and shoes always make my heart leap. I've seen a pair of Fendi shoes that i do love but they are so way out of my budget it's unreal. So i need your excellent help and advice.

Should i go for these

but think the bows look a little stuck on the sides

however today i saw Irregular choice shoes and really like these

although i really want them in the silver or the orange or all three image

what do you guys reckon or can have you seen some kick ass shoes that would be perfectly funky quirky, in budget and not make me look like i'm in fancy dress (the latter really worries me)

Right back to finding a cure for cancer

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  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    I have just looked at those shoes, but have ordered these as my dress is black with ivory trim:

    I am useless in heels though so I hope I can walk in them!

    I have bought these for the evening in case I am crippled:

    I like the shoes that you have bought, but understand about your heart having to leap! The Irregular Choice ones are lovely (and nearly half price so no need for guilty feelings!)


  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    they are super cute. Wish i could wear shoes with straps but with chunky ankles it's a no no.

    I'm going to get a pair of flats for evening, mainly because i'll probably have drunk too much champers by then and can't be trusted on 4inchers.
  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    Shoes with straps are the only heels I can balance in!

    Flats are much more comfy, but lack that wow factor for a wedding. I just need to get practicing with my balance!

  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Hi Nadia

    I love peep toes and think they look really cute. Have you thought of trying Kurt Geiger? Not sure what your budget is but I think they are really reasonable, plus they always seem to have sales on!

    What about these?

    I do like the ones you posted as well!
  • I love the first picture but they look REALLY high.

    The Irregular Choice shoes have that kind of built in platform bit and a much sturdier heel so they'd be easier for balance!
  • I have to say I'm not really a shoe person but I do love the shoes in the first pic. They are to die for! Although, your feet might feel like this after not too long in them.
  • I have just ordered the ASOS ones in hot pink and they are fab! Although some people are giving me funny looks when I tell them they are for my wedding! They are surpriseingly comfortable and don't feel too high! I absolutely love them and they are a bargain xx
  • bennicuk1bennicuk1 Posts: 933
    You must try Debenhams, they have tonnes of black peep toes with bows at the moment. I got an ivory pair in there recently and was amazed at their selection.

    Also, another place you may not have looked... New look!
  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    I can second the new look suggestion. They are also surrealy comfortable, as well as being a bargain and often strangely classy! They do, however, have a tendancy to fall apart if you wear them too often (I once had to nip into tourist information and borrow their stapler to half mend a pair of flip flops to get us home. It didn't really work). Having said that, I'd worn them a lot. And I have a very nice pair of boots from them that have lasted ages - and wedding shoes only need to look fab for the one day!!

    I also saw a lovely pair in Jones the other day, not sure I can see them on the website as they were in the sale but looking they ahve LOADS of peep toes -

    Good luck with the shoe hunt! I have to say... I like the irregular choice ones image
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    although the Irregular choice looks more comfortable, I prefer the first one, simply because my legs are so thin they look like two french bread sticks and the first one would suit better.

    Back to you, I think it all depends from the shape of your legs. If thiner, I think you should stick with something quite thin as well. If it makes sense.

  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I like the first ones you posted!
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    I also like the first ones best - but I'm not really able to make an informed decision without seeing the dress and understanding the mood of the day. I agonised for ages over everything for my wedding, carrying pictures around of my dress when looking for jewellery, shoes, hair acces, flowers, etc. etc......
  • Try ebay!!! I bought my Anne Michelle bridal shoes on there for £17.99. There are so many shops on ebay selling brand new wedding shoes. Infact I'm SURE I saw a pair almost identical to the first pic on there. x
  • ska_girlukska_girluk Posts: 581
    My black peep toe shoes are from New Look but I can't find them on the website, they're black with a skinny heel and a black bow on the front. They are such comfortable shoes (guilty for already wearing them out!!), but the heel isn't too high and at 5ft2 I might be looking for another pair.....

    But all the shoes posted are so gorgeous!! So difficult to choose only one pair to wear for a day!!
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Get 3 pairs. I did. I for the ceremony with dress 1. 1 for the evening/stroke dress 2, and a 3rd pair for dancing in i.e. extreme comfort.
  • lorrdainelorrdaine Posts: 1,316
    ravel have some fab shoes just now. better for the budget etc.

    sorry cant find the website so cant link my favs xxxx
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    I like the ASOS shoes you posted. You could order them to see if they were comfortable, etc, and return them if they didn't suit. If the fit is OK you could check whether you could remove the bow if you don't like it. Or you could customise it since your're a dab hand with beads!

    I have a pair of the Carvela Glossy shoes Naocat posted - very glam. They're my "back-up" shoes for the wedding in case my feet swell.
  • lorrdainelorrdaine Posts: 1,316
    not sure what i was thinkin last nite. shoes are from dune!!!!


    they are here in off white but they have them in store in pink.

    would be lovely with a short dress i think.

    they sell for 95

    i think they are cute - good luck with your search

  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    So many great comment - thanks so much for all your help.

    I nearly gave in and bought this pair of Louboutins yesterday but they were so ridiculously high and skinny heeled that i nearly toppled over in the shop (how embarrassing)

    Glad I had a moment of guilt about spending nearly half our monthly mortgage payment on a pair of shoes cos I saw these in New Look on the way to work today and they are £20. Excuse the veiny feet, the unshaven legs and the badly painted toenails

    OK they are not quite as chic and the soles aren't that to die for red but did i mention they're £20!!!imageimageimage

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  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    grrr second pic

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