bridesmaid dresses to go with my Candy Anthony! HELP!

Hi everyone, I post on here sometimes but mainly like reading everyone's ideas etc, this forum is a great outlet for creative and non-traditional ideas! I had my 2nd Candy Anthony appointment on Saturday - it was amazing I almost refused to take the dress off! i decided to go for what I had originally wanted which is a ivory (v light - I actually thought it was white!) liz taylor style dress with a double petticoat and an electric blue sash and a tiered veil - I absolutlely love it! i would post some pics but I decided not to take any on my camera as I will show everyone I ever meet and I want it to be a surprise. I've already told all my friends that im getting a CA dress ages ago (they dont know which one) but im now kicking myself a bit because i wish i hadn't told them! I might try and throw them off saying im going to get a big merangue dress! what do you think? Im not sure they'll believe me! anyway as our colour scheme is blue/white/silver i have decided to go for silver bridesmaid dresses and as I have 5 Rachel suggested I don't get all the same dress as it won't suit everyone, and I have a 15 yr old and an 11 yr old bridesmaid too. so now I have the rather challenging task of finding 5 nice dresses in the right shade of silver without being too metallic or tacky!! i feel it will be hard. much harder than choosing my wedding dress!! any ideas ladies of dresses or ideas of where to get them? maybe i will need to go to a proper bridesmaid shop, i was thinking of going for the high st though as budget is about £100 per dress. Our wedding is a sort of vintage/50s theme as well so trying to tie them in with that. this is hard!!! thanks!!


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