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Hello lovlies,

Whilst wandering though the internet today I cam accross Black Meringue's website -

I couldn't help but notice having purchased all the issues so far that most of the things worth reading were all there on the website now it's had a re-vamp - and without all the ad's for sex toys. It also seems to have a forum too - I thought I'd share as I've been increasingly thinking I won't buy another issue as though the articles have been mostly interesting (ish) it's got a bit samey and a bit annoying in that it's the same old must-do's but in black/corsets (not a bad thing for me, but not very wide in it's appeal!))/raunchier. However, It didn't make me want to poke my own eyes out and be sick through sheer terror like "brides" magazine did.. so I'm still semi interested. For free though, that's much more interesting.

Thought I would spread the news just in case you were interested or hadn't seen it! image


  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    hey the website is actually quite good. ta for passing it on.
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    However, It didn't make me want to poke my own eyes out and be sick through sheer terror like "brides" magazine did.. so I'm still semi interested.

    Weird... I really like Brides magazine a lot more than Black Meringue. I've bought both (heck, I've bought every magazine going!) and have to say that BM was really disappointing. There were a few cool things in it but mostly I found it quite low rent (I bought the one with the bodypainted couple on the front... I had a serious ponder about that actually... do you think they chose a mixed race couple to make a statement about how 'alternative' they are or was it just accidental? I wondered). I found BM disappointing on the 'real weddings' especially. Only 2 real weddings, really scant reporting, and they weren't even 'alternative'! I was thinking that some of the weddings on here would be way more alternative than that. Also, what's 'alternative' about sex? We all do it... it's a natural human function... so why do we have to make it into this big, 'oo, we're all alternative because we have sex - in CORSETS' thing?

  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528
    I have to say, the last one was the most annoying and made me think I wouldn't bother again. The first one was quite good, and the second ok, and the last one made me think... not going to bother with this any more.

    I think the thing that freaked me out so much with Brides magazine was that it was the first wedding mag I'd ever seen, and my first real introduction to what the wedding industry thought I "should" be doing. It made me feel sick with nerves, and try and talk Dave out of getting hitched because I was so scared of all this stuff. My family aren't paying, I didn't want a white frock and the notion that Dave should say "yes dear" to everything just made me panic. I wanted input, and I didn't want to be like all those women simpering at me from the pages. None of them looked like I could ever imagine looking, and I was all a bit overwhelmed with the attitudes (and the price tags! And the MUST haves! Arrrrgh!!!!!!). I also certainly didn't want to dress my bridesmaids in ready roll icing (what *IS* that fabric?!!) and so when it came round to seeing BM on a shelf I felt a bit less freaky - there were women getting married in corsets, and not in white, or big dresses with stalky trains, and, just, stuff. Phew.

    I have to say, since that first breath of fresh air from the first issue, I'm less impressed. I don't much like the way they constantly ram sex down your throat (I was going to make a quip about cock rings, but it was all too much!) as I agree, sex isn't alternative, it's just sex. I also thought that the article which managed to insinuate that plus sized brides were somehow alternative (that might just be how I read it - I'm sensitive about that one) was downright offensive. From reading it I thought the bloke in the photo on the front was their accountant or something they had managed to rope in as a guinea pig, but I might have been wrong there! I might be of the corset wearing brigade (I think part of the reason I liked the first was one of mine was in it!) - but I fully appreciate that isn't the only flavour of alternative out there. What about the medieval or rockabilly or Star Wars or Hollywood vintagey weddings, or those choosing to have handfastings instead? What about religious ceremonies of a non Christian nature?

    I was kind of hoping that BM wouldn't go down this samey route, but I was all the same pleased to see I could read the articles online for free without actually having to cough up any more dosh!

    (Just as an afterthought to this little ramble that might actually explain things better.... I'm not very good with women's mags at all - they all induce the same fear or huge fits of rage in some way or another! Cosmo makes me spit feathers. Don't even start me off on any of the others... I'm occasionally safe to be left with Prima, but that's about it once I've read that lemon juice/vinegar will clean anything...)

  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    I've just had a look and they have some good things in the invite section:

    I think I may use this company to do something for name places and also little apres wedding keepsakes

  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    I've just been playing about on the moo site and it's just what I need to create different pulp fiction postcards for our invitations.

    Thanks Dustymoth and Anilokin image
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    I also certainly didn't want to dress my bridesmaids in ready roll icing (what *IS* that fabric?!!)

    image Dusty! Ha ha. I know what you mean. We went shopping for bridesmaid dresses and had such a laugh, but we ended up with 3 different dresses that aren't bridesmaidy and hopefully they can wear again... Why would you want to put your friends through that!

    Re: Brides. I know what you mean - I was a bit overwhelmed the first time I bought a wedding mag, but I think the difference is that I never went into it thinking I 'had' to do stuff. I always thought that we would have a very individual wedding - it's not wildly unconventional but we're kind of picky so I knew we'd pick somewhere that was 'us' rather than the usual stuff. I've been to a few weddings and hardly any of them inspired me, but we went to my friend's a few years ago and it was quite unconventional and I always thought that would be the type of thing we would do - whatever we liked even if it didn't 'go' together! That's why I'm not getting my knickers in a twist about themes etc. It's meant to be a joyous occasion! I'm going to enjoy it and J is too, even if everyone else wants him to wear a tie! image

    I found the moo cards a while back - gindi told me about them! So I didn't need to buy that darned magazine at all! image
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