Becoming impatient!!

OK people! 60 days to go and becoming impatient!! LOL!

HOW will I get through the next 2 months?!?!! Oy!! imageimage


  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    I'm 7 days after you and I'm wishing the time wouldn't go so fast!! Though I am already beginning to wonder how I will spend my time after the wedding - thank heavens for the weird brides and the increasing number of marrieds!

    Are you all set for the big day?
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    Hey hun, I feel your pain. I have 9 days to go and its so frustrating.

    I si at work not wanting to do anything, I just want the days to pass!!

  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,076
    Lilith, I really think there ought to be matrimony leave from work dont you?! How can we be expected to work with all this excitment and organising to do. Its just not right. When do you finish work? I get married on the 30th, i guess youre the 29th?
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    Yeah I'm 29th emilye, I finish work next Wednesday and then on the Thursday we travel down to the venue.

    I just cannot concentrate at all and not feeling guilty for coming on here when I should be working image

  • I get married on Sunday and the last few days are being kept busy! Will be glad when it finally gets here though.
  • WitchyAnneWitchyAnne Posts: 849
    OMG Lilith! HTH are you coping?! I'd be climbing the bl00dy walls!! Oh oy....I am already just feeling like time is running out AND that it's not going fast enough at the same time!!

    Hats off girlie, for even BEING at work!! xx
  • WitchyAnneWitchyAnne Posts: 849
    2510_Anilokin: Hey, believe it or not: Me too!

    I am impatient about it, but at the same time, I do wish there was MORE time so I wouldn't be in this "inbetween" stage place....iyswim.

    Also, had a little money crimp recently from which we're still haemorrhaging/trying to recover and so yeah, I would rather it was 3 months away or THIS SATURDAY.

    Either would be good! xx
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    oh my god.

    just realised that it's 100 days today to go for us.

    becoming scared now image
  • I'm getting impatient already and I've got over a year to go!

    God help me when it gets to a matter of weeks.......
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