Yoo-hooo! Mrs Leee-heeee!!

Are you going Glamping soon?

Or are you snuggled up in a sleeping bag as we speak/type?

Hope it is lined with velvet!!

Note the champagne flutes, left hand corner! image


  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    oh wow - is this a honeymon yurt? It looks great and tres Mrs Lee
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Golly, isn't that scrummy.

    Oh Lula I only wish I was " Glamping" in warmer climes.

    The weather is dreadful and looks to stay that way.

    I shall need an awful amount of liquor to even get me there at this rate.

    I'm sure dear old Margo ( our tent) will be just fine. Life in the old dear yet.

    Champagne will of course me a necessity... I'll pack the flutes and the cooler before the children.


    I think I have a hat like that in the garage too, I shall hunt for it.

    We're off at the weekend, thank heavens it's only for a week as I shall need to detox when I get back!

    I am taking lots of candles and lanterns, blankets and booze. Not in that order.

    It is Mr.Lee's birthday while we're away, poor soul.

    We will have a rather smart picnic on the beach.

    I will take photos and of course the crackberry to get me through the ordeal.

    I do hope you ladies will be around to buoy me up when the going gets tough.

    I nearly bought a giant teepee.

    Mr.Lee was against it, ahem... a little privacy for the marrieds. ;\)

  • nix831nix831 Posts: 179
    sorry to gate crash but can i just ask where you got the picture from? it looks lovely

    thank you

  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Ah! Happy Birthday for Mr Lee!

    Camping can be quite romantic, you know! as long as it's not too damp. Or cold. Or windy.....

    Otherwise it can be fab! You might come back a changed person and will give up the life of glamour and take to the open road!

    My sis sent me a text when we were pootling about Norfolk in our camper saying that we were a Gipsy queenand king! I quite liked that!

    Lulu- I googled imaged glamping and that was on the page

    here's the link not sure if it's any use

  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Camping can be quite romantic, you know! as long as it's not too damp. Or cold. Or windy.....


    Isn't that the forecast

    Gin it is then x
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    You'll be fine!!

    Hey, have you got a camping stove? If so take a hot water bottle and a pair of thick socks!! I was miserable in the van one night cos I was so freeeezing! But then you can snuggle down with some hot choc and feel all cosy. Or as you say-gin!
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Oh yes Lula dear I have ordered a teriff stove online but it hasn't arived yet

    Don't they jolly well know I'm going Glamping.

    I have also cashmere bed socks and a dashing husband to keep me warm.

    Does one think Gin will act rather like anti freeze?
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Sorry to butt in on the thread, just want to say that we love Camping, but I'd certainly love to give Glamping a try and my eyes look a bit green in the mirror after discovering that you'll be enjoying such a feat this coming week Mrs Lee.

    I'd love to know firstly, what are the essentials needed and secondly, how you get on.
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Dear Spunkychic feel free to take my place.

    I am to be frogmarched.

    Absolute stinkers if you ask me.

    I am of course taking everything, including the kichen sink.

    The china, the linen and the children too.

    Oh I am SO looking forward to it( image )

    Joking aside as long as I have all mod cons and plenty, I say, plenty of liquid refreshment I'm sure I'll manage.

    I will post a photo of my plight when ensconced.

    You may laugh.

    I may cry.
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884

    I'd love to but only if the weather is guaranteed to be warm and dry. Look forward to the report. ;\) Have fun, and champagne always seem to make things seem a bit better
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Hurrah!, ( no I haven't been replaced)

    The camping stove and the dinkiest red whistling kettle have arrived.

    Super sweet, they belong in a dolls house.

    Golly, I did always LOVE my Wendy house when I was a girl.

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