Theme idea chosen (we think) - comments please

OK this might sound a bit strange (but this is the place right?)

One of my fave authors (and H2Bs fortunately) is Louis de Bernieres. The venue we have chosen is overlook by a ghost town which is the village he based his book 'Birds Without Wings' on.

We thought of bringing together the venue and our love of the book in a roundabout way. We want a very casual laid back wedding, there will be lots of chill out areas, floating lanterns in the pool, everything in keeping with the surroundings. So lots of Turkish lanterns on tables, lots of colour (reds, warm browns and rustic shades), little bird candles (for the bird's without wings connection) and wildflowers (poppies etc) in jam jars on the tables (when we were there last we were walking back past the cornfields and there were little glowing fireflies which made me think of the jam jars thing). We also though about having little placecards with our fave quotes from the book written on them.

Any of this make sense or sound good?

Comments and any of your brill ideas would be much appreciated.


  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Oo that sounds a wonderful 'theme'. And great to haev that connection with a favourite book..

    We had a kind of bird theme going on.

    Love the idea of all the lanterns and the colours. It's a good idea to go with something very natural and let the landscape and culture inspire you. Sounds fab-can I come?!!
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    That sounds heavenly. Are you also going to have lots of sumptuous cushions in silk and velvet dotted about?
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    They have these massive cushions at the venue that are so big two people can sit on one!
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Lula of course you can come - just make sure you are in Turkey on the day and drop on by to have drinksimage
  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Munchkin it sounds fantastic! The venue looks amazing from the photos you posted, and to be able to use the book as your inspiration for the theme is just lovely. I love it!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    It sounds amazing!

    I love the idea of the quotations on the table, and how you plan to decorate the place sounds wonderful. If I'm in Turkey I'll be sure to pop by!!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    sounds incredible to me
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Thanks ladies. The ideas are coming thick and fast - all that remains to be seen is if I can get it to look as good in real life as it does in my head.
  • Darkangel79ukDarkangel79uk Posts: 1,042
    Wow that sounds lovely, and the walk with the firflies sounds magical image
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