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Just after a bit of advice really. We're just in the process of sorting out our wedding rings. H2b is getting his from Justin Duance, who someone very kindly suggested to me on here (Can't remember who it was, but thanks!). I just had the quote back today and it comes in at about £90 for silver and £380 for 9ct white gold.

H2b of course is all for going for the silver one, but as I'm paying it kind of makes me feel a bit stingy! Especially as we're going to order my ring on Saturday (Georgina Ettridge) and I expect it will be a similar price. It just sort of feels wrong to have a silver ring- like they're more fashion jewellery than -good' jewellery that you wear forever. But isn't it the symbolism that counts? It worries me that it won't last as well as a gold one. It has wood in it, which will age as well, so I'm not sure if it's worth paying extra for a ring that doesn't deteriorate when part of it will anyway. The designer says that because it's a chunky ring it will be strong enough in silver and although it would look a little bit more battered over time (which h2b doesn't mind) it would be fine.

I didn't expect it to be so much, but I'd find the money somewhere if I had to. I don't want to go for the silver just because it's the cheapest and I'm worried that h2b is just saying he wants it to save me money. I was chatting to my boss earlier and he said that gold is a symbol of eternity. Any words of wisdom? We're hovering between the two at the moment. Mine will definitely be gold as it's going to be quite dainty and I'd sort of like them to match a bit.....

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    I like the sound of this silver one. I quite like the idea of it getting a bit worn over time - I like old things that have a bit of a story and things that aren't shiny and new so that silver one appeals to that side of me. When I go veggie shopping I always pick the bumpy stuff that nobody would want because I feel sorry for it image

    If your H2B is happy with it I say go for it and save the money (although I know it's not about that for you). So long as you are both happy with the final decision.

    There is a song where the line reads 'you've got silver in the stars, and gold in the morning sun'. Even if your rings don't match it's the reason for wearing them that matters?

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    I have a silver ring my h2b bought me 10 years ago and it still looks as good today. Edited to say that I wear it every day and has been bashed more than a few times!

    My wedding ring is silver too.

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    You answered my thread about our rings not matching and you said it didn't matter!

    I'm sure it doesn't matter for you either. It's the relationship that counts and what the rings stand for, a partnership of commitment and love. Why not ask your partner what ring he would choose if money was no object? This way you would know whether he's choosing the silver ring to save you money or if he's picked it cos he really likes it.

    A yellow gold band is what my partner & I are BOTH having as this is the traditional metal for wedding rings - but the designs we're going for are completely different. But each couple can choose whatever floats their boat! Hope you can both make a decision that your other half is happy with. You have to wear them for a very long time so you may as well get what you really want.

    One more thing, Binkyzoso - you've now got ME worrying about my partner's choice for his ring. I don't want him selecting something that's easy on my budget for that reason alone! He decided that he wanted a buckle ring for his wedding ring after I commented that they are VERY reasonably priced in a jeweller near us. I asked him if he really liked them and he insisted he did. Oh dear, I'll have to talk to him again!

    Bambagirl x

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    My husband's ring cost £35 - it's made of titanium and will last for ever (I hope - it's soooo strong!)

    He didn't want an expensive one. However, I did want one that would last and I've had silver rings that seem to bend if they're not good quality.x
  • This is something that i have thought about too. I like silver, really like silver but my fear on the wedding ring is that silver is just not durable enough a metal for something that you wear every day. But then on some level I know that this isn't always the case as I have silver rings I have had for years and years and they are fine. it's the forever element that worries me. But I do know it is daft and I bet the silver and wood ring looks fab and will last a lifetime. Just wanted to say I feel the same as you and I do think we also worry too much about what other think. Will they think I'm stingy? That we're skint? etc. It's all a nonsense really!
  • my sister's is white gold and she says the gold is already starting to show through and it's not even a year old yet. It was expensive if i remember rightly too.

    We're sticking to old school plain gold bands I think. But I'm a strawberry blonde and gold suits me better than silver anyway. I think it's whatever you prefer xx
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    Hehe it's so easy to give other people advice isn't it Bambagirl?! I feel a lot better actually. It's strange, I kind of feel tight for buying h2b a silver one, but shallow for wanting a gold one myself! He really does want the silver one. So I've decided to pay for our 'mini-moon' so I don't feel guilty!

    Please don't take any notice of me Bambagirl! Listen to the other girls instead. They talk much more sense. It sounds like your h2b knows exactly what he wants, as mine does!

    Isn't it funny the things we have crises about? Bizzyizzy, I phoned up h2b's jeweller, and he said that because the ring is quite chunky, it will last well as silver, although it will look worn eventually. I wish the jeweller used titanium MrsJuice, it's a big leap from silver to white gold in price. Apparently the jeweller who's making mine doesn't plate the rings.

    Thanks everyone, crisis averted I think! I'm going to order h2b's tomorrow and mine on Saturday!
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    Sorry to go off track but Georgina made my ring too! I love it! Mine is based on the ivy ones on the website made from white and yellow gold - what is yours like? Did she make you a silver version? I ended up buying the silver one as well because I didn't like the idea of someone else having it! How spoiled am I?
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    I've not ordered it yet, I'm off to Southampton tomorrow as she's having an open day so I can look at them! I found her at a craft fare in May and it was exactly what I was looking for, but I want to see them again before I make up my mind. I'm having 9ct white gold (see above!) and I'm not sure what design to go for. I have a vague idea that I'd like a design that goes all the way round- like a vine, but I'm not sure if it's possible. I love the shape of the ivy leaves, but also the normal leaves (roses?). But h2b is having oakwood on his ring, so maybe an oak leaf would be nice too. Decisions decisions. They are such beautiful rings! Hehe will have to make h2b buy me the silver one too! I have my eye on some of her necklaces too for the bridesmaids....

    Just ordered h2b's in silver. He found out that 9ct gold has a yellowy tinge to it, which he was very emphatic about not wanting! And my budget definitely doesn't stretch to anything else. Very excited about it all now! xxx

    PS Leeds28- you said you used ivy leaves on your invitations too didn't you? Did you use the pressed dried out real leaves that you get from craft shops? I've been making mine this week and I'm quite disappointed in them- in each pack only about half are the lovely nice shape as in your avator and the rest are all spindley and weird shaped. I know they're part of nature and they're not going to be exactly uniform, but h2b reckons some of them look more like cannabis leaves- I'm not sure what our guests are going to think!!

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    He he! I was totally paranoid about people thinking that they were cannabis leaves! I put two on each invite so tried to put a fat one and a thin one on so people knew what the idea was - they looked fine and I put a lot of ivy themed stuff in with it - RSVP cards that I got from vistaprint where I uploaded a picture of some 1950's wallpaper that had ivy vines on it - i'm more than happy to send you it if it you think it might come in useful!

    PS. I love her oak leaf jewellery. It is all very lovely. I think Mrs RandomBunny had the ring with the rose leaf on as well!
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    Oooh thankyou! I've done some information sheets (which have actually grown into an 8 page booklet- oops!) with the below background on it, but I'm not 100% happy with it yet. I'll message you my e-mail on facebook, I don't want to post it on here. My sister in law had ivy on her head piece, and as we're having a joint party I thought it would be nice to have that link!

    Will report back about the ring tomorrow! Probably with another completely indecisive post! It's Mrs Jam who also has the leafy ring. I'm so excited!

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