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I just had a little nose at you North Devon pics on FB and I was wondering whereabouts in North Devon you were?

We're getting married in North Devon and also Bert's parents live there (moved down 3 years ago) and it looked as if you had found some lovely places that I quite fancy visiting when we're down there next month.

I hope you had a good holiday x


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    Hello Anilokin! Ooh, an FAO is always sooo exciting...!

    I don't know the area well at all (I grew up on the South Coast yet have never been to Devon before, bizarrely!) so I'm not sure how clear this will be, but:

    - We stayed near Bideford (about ten miles from Barnstaple) for two days - the first set of pictures of the little village on a hill is very near there and is a place called Clovelly (I believe the whole village is owned by one family). If you walk all the way to the bottom you get to the sea, where there is some really lovely scenery (the little waterfall is supposedly where King Arthur is buried, and the stone in front is of sword-in-the-stone fame).

    - The very wet and very windy place with all the cliffs is Lundy Island. We had very bad weather (by golly did I whine!), but it is a lovely place - really wild and unspoilt, and you can walk about and not see anyone for ages (which I always think is a good thing on a holiday!), and the wildlife is great. It is definitely worth a visit - especially if you were to go in June or July, when all the seabirds are nesting - the crossing can be very rough and there is only one place on the island where you can procure a cup of tea, so you'd need to go better prepared than we did (taking a coat would be a good idea...), but I would definitely recommend it! You can sail there from either Bideford or Ilfracombe.

    - The ones on the beach with all the rock pools are at Lynmouth, which is in Exmoor, sort of between Ilfracombe and Minehead. It's not really a swimmy, sunbathy beach because it's so rocky, but we liked that because it was quieter, and we were only really there for the rock pools anyway! Lynmouth has a lovely little village with lots of fudge shops (again, my idea of a good holiday!), and not far away is Lynton, which is a bit bigger and has lots of nice gift shops. We drove back east across the moors towards a little place called Simonsbath - it was on the way there that we took all the heathery, moory pictures.

    Hope that helps a bit! Are any of those places near where you're getting married? We thought the whole area was lovely, and would love to go back one day - what a great place for a wedding! :\)
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    Oh I really really want to go to Lundy Island! I keep rabbiting on about it, but noone seems to be as keen as me!

    Simonsbath is quite close to where we are getting married (the church is right on the edge of exmoor) but we have paid a visit to most of the places you mention except Clovelly - which I will definitely be visiting now as it looked lovely! x
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Oooooh you must talk someone into taking you to Lundy Island! They have their own type of goat and their own type of sheep and their own breed of pony - and a special Lundy cabbage, apparently! They're supposed to have puffins and guillemots and razorbills and all sorts, but we didn't see any (I am insisting we saw a storm petrel, but he was a long way off). We did see a seal though!

    I bet your church is lovely - all the churches we saw were really beautiful!
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