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wedding report at long last!

Its three weeks since we got married but I finally have both time and inclination to do a report if anyone is interested!

The real preparation for our August 2nd wedding started on the Thursday before with the collection of the kids (husbands two gorgeous teenagers!) from the trainstation, and then a visit to Moss Bros to pick up the boys suits. My parents met us there so my dad could try his on and teenager Sean needed to try his on. Not one part of Sean's hire fitted him so it was just as well he came with me to pick the suits up! Most of dads suit fitted, but not all... That left me really nervous about Steves suit as he's hard to fit anyways as he has typical tight head prop shoulders and a twenty inch neck! As it turned out his was the best fit of them all! His best man had too many good dinners with his new wife since the fitting and looked like he was trying to put kids trousers on but they had time on Saturday morning to go change them as the wedding wasn't until 4.30pm.

On Friday I spent a few hours picking up flowers - the wholesale ones I'd ordered to make up small vases of low arrangements on tables and to do chairbacks to give a big impact when our guests entered our little village hall reception, and the incredible table centres in upturned top hats and our big gothic floorstanding candelabra. I was blown away by the amazing job our florist did - I was really nervous as the flowers are something you don't get to have a trial run off and you have to trust in someone and hope that their vision is either as good, if not better, than your own. Ours made me cry tears of relief and happiness when I first layed eyes on them!

I brought the flowers back to our marina where they were supposed to be going in the air conditioned office. The site manager had disappeared off the face of the earth, wasn't answering her phone and was no where to be found so I was there with hundreds of pounds worth of flowers sat in our swelteringly hot VW campervan which was less than ideal. With them still in there and the curtains pulled to try and keep the sun out I had to go to my supposedly enjoyable pampering appointments! There was no way I could relax though. In the end Steve bumped into the manager of the village hall and she let him in with the flowers so he could leave them where it was lovely and cool and he texted me to let me know I could scrape myself off the ceiling...! I had a great massage and had my nails done which felt very strange as I'm not one for beautifying treatments at all. I could get used to it though!

At about 7pm friday night my aunt and uncle, Joan and Bob, turned up. They'd come over from the states for our wedding and are two of my favourite people in the whole world. They came to help load up all the candelabras, candlesticks, butterflies, birds, fabrics and crockery etc for the reception which all had to go in the campervan and be set up in the hall that night. Keith (best man) and Helen (best mans wife!) came along too as well as my family and a couple of much loved neighbours, Jan and Ann. We had to sit around for nearly an hour outside the hall as the staff never turned up to open up for us which didn't help my already strained nerves. Our DJ was waiting there when we got there so he wasn't very happy either. Luckily for us he's an old friend from our Bike Club (the Tigers) so he was cool about it. We had lots to do to give our little village hall the full gothic moulin rouge treatment but it worked - with lots of draped black satin and voluptuous illustrious table dressings we made it happen!

By the time we got everything set up it was half past ten, when I should have been meeting my MOH at the hotel we were staying in that night. The hall looked fab though and I was happy to leave by then. We drove the kids home to the boat and I stayed in the car while Steve settled the kids in and checked on our gorgeous boy, our German Shepherd Jake. He was gone ages and I was getting worried when he came back. Jake had had kidney disease for around three years and it looked like he was starting to really deteriorate over the previous week but Steve and the kids had walked in to find he'd had an upset tummy through the length of the boat and he was really distressed. Steve cleaned him up and gave him lots of love before leaving him with the kids while he drove me to the hotel. We met my parents there who brought Zonkles (MOH) and my dress with them. Zonks and I checked in and Steve went home to the hooligans. By this time it was almost midnight and I was on my absolute chinstrap. Despite this I didn't sleep a wink as I was convinced Jake wasn't going to make it through the night. Zonks did everything she could to get me to relax and enjoy the luxurious hotel my amazing fiance had booked for us but nothing really worked. We were both awake and talking by five in the morning so Zonks broke out the bubbly she'd brought with her for the occassion which was really sweet but I didn't feel much like it. Every time I spoke to Steve I was convinced he was keeping bad news from me.

On a lighter note, I opened my wedding present from my wonderful man and was blown away! He got me the most beautiful pair of black diamond earings! I never even knew that black diamonds existed!! It made me very glad I'd already told him about the weekend away to london in a fancy hotel with tickets to see STOMP which he'd been dropping hints about for about two years!

After a hearty breakfast Zonks left me in the hotel to go get her fancy updo done so there was something to fix her mini top hat on to. Everyone had been a little sceptical about my vision for my bridesmaids but the second Zonks walked back in after her hair appointment I could see the change in her demeanur! She couldn't wait to get her outfit on! At 12.30pm Steph (teenager no 2) arrived from her hair appointment - unfortunately with her top hat on back to front. once we changed it around we were good to go and started to sort out make up and outfits etc. I started doing Stephs makeup at 1pm as the photographer and his wife/assistant (Jules and Sharon) were due to arrive at half past 2. After getting lost twice they arrived at three and were dismayed to see the awful quality of the light in the suite we were in. It made it really tricky to get many "getting ready" shots but Jules is brilliant and managed some gorgeous evocative shots of my girls and me! He got some lovely ones of my folks too which I'm so chuffed about!

At 3.45pm the girls mercedes turned up and off they went, leaving me and dad. Unfortunately dad then had to make five trips down to the foyet with everyone's luggage so I was just kind of stood there in my dress in the middle of the room, shaking gently under the pressure of the moment! My vintage Rolls Royce arrived and dad escorted me down the hallway in to the foyet where I was met with a standing ovation from a very kind group of ladies. I felt like a princess, like a star, and like a very nervous little girl all at once. I wasn't nervous about making that commitment to Steve at all, just nervous about being the centre of attention, and of the last years worth of planning and hard work being poo-pooed by folks.

When I got into the Rolls some huge bug came in with me and I had to jump out again! I kept insisting that I wasn't getting married with bug juice all over my bum! Think the driver thought I was nuts but my dad was impressed with how quickly I got out of the car with all that dress! lol!

We made our way to the Shire Hall and were right on schedule. I'm never late for anything and pride myself on my punctuality so you can imagine my mood on arrival to find that not only did we have to wait because the weddings were all running late, but that our guests were all still outside and that I would have to wait in view of them for almost TWENTY minutes! I was fuming! My bodice was ruined as there were plastic bones in the front and steel in the back so the front ones all had a huge crease accross them which looked like a big roll of fat. When you spend a thousand pounds on a frock you want it to look perfect right?! Our guests were finally allowed in and then we could pull up properly. I was escorted into the registrars office to verify I was the right person (not having any old bride marrying MY fiance!! I waited a LONG time for him! lol!) and discovered that my darling step dad, my daddybunny, was allowed to go on my marriage certificate in place of my stinky biological father which was brilliant news. Then out we came, and with the girls in place in front of me and dad we made our way up the corridor with me dictating who should step and when. A control freak getting married is a dangerous creature - you've been warned!!

The whole deal for me hung on my Steve's face when he saw me. I'm not naturally confident at choosing my clothes for important occassions and would have given the earth for him to be able to help me choose my dress and then have his memory wiped afterwards! His face said everything I was hoping for though, and he was overheard telling me that I looked amazing. His eyes were glassy and full, and his voice was full of emotion. We made our way through the ceremoney not taking our eyes off each other, just taking everything in. Each word was said very deliberately, and with a strong sense of our love behind it. I don't care if that sounds corny, you had to be there and to know how flippant we both ususally are to understand the impact of those words on us, and on those around us. Steph was heard to whisper to Zonks "just look at my dads face" which meant so much.

With the contract signed we left the room as husband and wife and went outside to wait in line yet again. The only spot outside to take photos was still occupied by the couple that kept us waiting before which was really frustrating as it was really hot and I was melting in my gown. We had far less photos there than we were intending simply because I just couldn't take standing out there in the heat any longer which was a real shame. I was so intent on making sure that Steve had photos with his kids and his folks that I neglected my own family completely which I'm really gutted about. I didnt allow Jules to stick to the list of pictures I wanted because of the heat - pay heed to this! I really wish I'd stuck it out for just a little longer but its too late now and I'll never have those pictures. He did get some fab shots though - the guy''s a genius!

After the piccies we headed off to party. We were limited to just 45 guests for our ceremoney so we wanted to do a wedding breakfast for everyone so we went straight off to the reception for 150 and an amazing spread which even the most ardent anti-wedding opinionated guests loved. They all loved the sweetie bar too - everyone was seen at some point in the evening with a little black and white striped paper bag but not one of the buggers took a picture of it! DOH!

We cut the cake, the groom put his bike rally gear on, and we muppet danced the night away. After a couple of hours Jules and Sharon took us down the road to the church yard where we were able to chill out, cool down, and have some photos taken on our own which was lovely. I cant recommend doing this enough as we were both getting too hot and too tired and needed that time out to enjoy the rest of the evening. The pictures that Jules took at this point were our favourites too - despite me having no makeup with me to touch up the end result of sweating on the dance floor for two hours! If I hadn't invested in the unbeatable Bobbi Brown stuff I dread to think what I would have looked like!

We found out when we got back that everyone thought we'd gone off to do rude things and actually got told off by various relatives and friends before Jules and Sharon backed our story up!

At 11.30pm our car arrived, and despite having bought sparklers and things to make our departure a grand affair we said our goodbyes and legged it. We were happy but knackered!

We got back to the marina and hopped in to our dinghy, me with my skirts hitched up as high as they'd go, and went home to our Jake, and the two evil geniuses (the cats, Kevin and Malcolm) to see how they'd fared for the evening with their babysitters from accross the way.

After a week out on our boat for our honeymoon Jakes kidneys gave up completely and he went into renal failure. He went blind, got confused, his back legs gave way completely and on Tuesday of the second week of our honeymoon we had to take him to the vets to have him released from it all. Heaven has the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, furry angel now. It has only been bringing his ashes home today that has given me the release I needed to write this report as whenever anyone asked how the wedding was, all I could think was "who cares about the wedding, we lost our baby" but it feels awkward telling people about that when they're expected squeals of excitement.

If you're not put off by the doom and gloom I hope you can appreciate the love that was felt on that day, and how overwhelmed I am at the honour of being the wife of such an amazing man. I never thought I was the kind of girl to get married, or to even find someone that I didn't find boring after a few days but then he turned up and blew me away. I tell him every day that I love him, and make sure that every day counts in some way. We've lost too many friends over the last few years - be it to cancer or to bike accidents etc and I want him to know every day that I love him more than ever.

We raised around £700 for our two chosen charities (Cancer Research UK and the RSSC unit at Papworth hospital) which was had instead of a gift list so our day was positive in many way.

So here we are. We're very happily married. I've taken my husbands name. I'm a traditional bride. Probably...!

If you'd like to see the professional shots ( I did give a link to the photographers website a little while ago) then click here for the facebook gallery!


  • BrummieVeeBrummieVee Posts: 1,651

    Great report - sounds like a great day


    Cant view the photos though - might need to make them for public viewing


  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Oh, Mrs Waight. Congratulations on so many things - a wonderful day, finding Steve, the fantastic family and friends (including the furry variety) around you, and the awesome amount raised for your charities! The love and emotion really shines through in every word.

    I'm so sorry to hear about Jake, though I feel sure he loved being able to share your first week as Mr and Mrs.

    Lots of love to you all.

  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    Mrs Waight what a lovely bittersweet report - congratulations on your marriage I know you will ensure everyday will be full of love.

    I am sorry for you loss, losing a wonderful loyal friend is so hard and leaves such a big hole - but as Gindi says I'm sure spending that precious first week of married life with you would have been bliss for him.

    Congratulations - wishing you love and happiness x
  • cdsmiler81cdsmiler81 Posts: 2,014
    You report is amazing - I can't wait to see your photos.

    And poor Jake - bless him for holding on to see his parents married and enjoying that time with you! I bet he's still wath=ching over you both!

    Hopefully this photobox link is better...

    thanks for everyone's posts - I really appreciate your kind words!

  • ska_girlukska_girluk Posts: 581
    What a fantastic wedding report, as gindi said you could really feel the love and happiness that went on during your wedding day just from your words. Oh, and the photos are fab! You look so gorgeous in that dress, and I'm glad you ignored peoples words about the bridesmaids as they looked brillant!

    It did seem like Jake held on just to spend time with you two as a married couple, and it's always hard loosing part of the family, but it sounds like you gave him a good life and lots of love!
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Thanks for sharing your day with us - you looked marvellous, well everything looked marvellous! And I love your cake - I want one!

    I'm so sorry about Jake and no words can make it hurt less. Above all you loved him and he loved you.
  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    Hello. I loved reading your report, I am very sorry to hear about jake though, you must be missing him loads.

    Your dress was fabulous and I loved your unusual cake and topper!

    I am glad that the day was so wonderful for you both.

  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I have totally missed this until now!

    It's lovely to hear about your day even if it does have its bittersweet moments.

    It's great though, that you can remember it for it's love and fun, and that you have wonderful photos to look back on.

    Sorry to hear about Jake, but like others have said I'm sure he loved sharing your honeymoon with you!
  • Our boat was just too empty without those ears over the side of our dinner plates, and over the end of the bed, and over the side of the coffee table so we just had to find a little someone attached to some new ears...

    This is Joseph, and he has a seriously tough act to follow but he melted our hearts!

    We're feeling more together now although we're certainly not over losing our boy. We're off to London this coming weekend as I bought tickets to STOMP and a night in the Grosvenor Kensington Hotel for my gorgeous husband for his wedding pressie. Two days later we can pick Joseph up!

  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Can't see the pic, mrswaight. I'm sure he's lovely!
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    'Fraid not, even when I log into FB.
  • sodding technology! Last try...!
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Hurrah! Awww, he's just a baby and so cute!
  • yep! He's seven weeks old now! He's doubled in size over the last ten days so we think he's going to be HUGE!! He looks like a little grizzly bear now though!
  • kirstymgkirstymg Posts: 519
    Mrswaight, congratulations! Your report and pictures are FAB! image I love your cake and the picture of you dancing with your back to the camera, everything is really nice and full of personality!

  • nadiaeuknadiaeuk Posts: 696
    your report actually brought a tear to my eye and i seriously don't do mushy crying over sentimental stuff. i was blown away by the end part - telling your man that you love him everyday. H2B and i don't do serious sentimental stuff either and I was a bit worried if we'd do something stupid like giggle through the vows but reading your report has made me look at it differently. thanks.

    The bit about the bug seriously made me laugh.

    sorry to hear about your baby image hugs
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    MrsWaight, so sorry to hear about Jake. (I thought I had posted after showing J your photos, but turned out I didn't!) It sounds like a great wedding aside from that, and you looked radiant! Love the way you didn't cover up your tattoos - you looked really cool!

    Your engagement photo/pre-wedding thingy which you got the guests to sign is up there with my favourite wedding photos, btw.
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Congratulations - you look fab in your gorgeous dress - I will take another look at all the pics another time as I've just come on here briefly. I can't believe you had to wait 20 mins either - I'd have been fuming but glad it all worked out in the end - everyone looks so happy in the photos!

    And I'm so sorry to hear about Jake - dogs really are a man's best friend and I was heartbroken when our dogs from when I was growing up died - he had a great life though and I'm dead chuffed you're giving another doggy a home. I bet Joseph will be totally spoiled and he looks SOOOO cute - I really really really want a doggy now image
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