FAO Mrs Jam and Leeds28

I ordered my ring yesterday! Went for this one in the end...

http://www.georginaettridge.co.uk/gallery/?a=mag&p=31&cat_id=68&img_id=311&all=1 (Edited: Grrr I can't get the link to work. In rings it's image 31 of 44)

I was going to have another curly bit put on it, but actually I think I like it as it is. They are even lovlier than I remember them! I also accidentally managed to come home with 2 necklaces for my bridesmaids and I think I'm going to have to have one of the ivy necklaces for myself.

Just had to share that bit of excitement! xx

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  • I cant figure out which one it is or I would have posted it for you. If you right click on the picture itself and go to properties, then copy the web address and paste it into the the post reply. highlight it and press the IMG button, simple as! I look forward to seeing it!
  • :O how rude, I just realised this is a FAO post. Sorry.x
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Is it this one, Binky?

    If so, it is beautiful! (But I would say that because it's very like mine! Thank you for remembering me as a fellow Georgina Ettridge wearer!) She makes some lovely stuff, doesn't she? Which metal are you having it made in?

    Awwww, you're going to love it just as much as I love mine, I'm sure!!

    (Vintage Lover, don't worry! I'm sure Binky won't mind! ;\) )
  • EtherealBrideEtherealBride Posts: 1,418
    Ah, thanks vintage lover. Don't worry about the FAO I always read them too! Mrs Jam, yes that's the right one! I'm hoping to get the 18ct white gold, but it may end up being the 9ct, depending on the quote.

    I was looking at a huge blown up picture of your ring in her workshop yesterday, in the folder she has! Your engagement ring is beautiful. They're fab aren't they?! I'm so excited about getting it! Must remember to tell h2b to put it the right way up on the day. (Or maybe it's good luck, like opening a bag of crisps upside down). x
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Oh wow, I've never seen this jewellery before - I love it!
  • Leeds28Leeds28 Posts: 136
    Yay! It's lovely! Did it tke you a long time to decide or did you go with gut instinct? Are you having it all the same colour metal? I agonised for ages over mine. I think the single colour and two colour ones are both gorgeous! It was a bit more than I was going to spend but it is a bit like having your very own tiny piece of art work!
  • EtherealBrideEtherealBride Posts: 1,418
    I wasn't quite as indecicive as I usually am! I've got quite short stubby fingers and the tiny rose leaves just looked way better on my hands that any of the others. I did agonise a bit about choosing one that has already been designed- I quite liked the idea of having a new design especially for me, but then I decided that was a silly reason not to go for the one I really liked. As I don't have an engagement ring, I liked the design going all the way round better. Ooooh I love it! I'm having all the same colour....hoping it comes in under budget!
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