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Seeing another thread recently regarding your gorgeous whirlingturban wedding dress made me remember I've had a question for you!!

That style of dress, is it something that suits all shapes?! I am very very tempted to buy that style of dress as maybe an evening dress for the wedding day, or maybe just a 'dinner date' dress (I will drag H2B out just so I get a chance to wear it!)......but I have fairly wide hips and don't know if it will suit that style at all? What do you reckon?


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    Ooh, I got an FAO image

    I think it depends on the type of figure you have - I've definitely got a 50's hourglass figure, ie at least a difference of 8" between my waist and bust/hip measurements (well, the waist measurement has crept up since I stopped smoking so I'll have to work on that :lolimage

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    Sorry, clicked on submit before I had finished. If you suit pencil skirts I'm sure it would be OK. Or try on dresses here to check if the style does suit you.
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    And it had better be for a dinner date!

    You can't change out of your own wonderful WT creation - not after you've found your perfect poufy petticoat image
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