emo bridesmaid gift

Any ideas for an gift for 15year old emo/ish brudesmaid please?

She is wearing a necklace from decarabia gothic jewellery at wedding but her mum (sil) bought all our necklaces, no idea what else now?


  • bennicuk1bennicuk1 Posts: 933
    A notebook journal? A polaroid camera?

    Just thinking of the sort of things I was into as 15 year old, writing stuff down was good, as was taking pictures
  • Wow, I bet she would lov a polaroid camera !

  • Poleroid film is bloody expensive though... she wouldnt' be able to use it much unless you bought her lots of spare films...

    What about a pair of demonia shoes or boots??
  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    You could try:


    Lots of stuff on there that she will probably like.

  • beckyfoobeckyfoo Posts: 209
    How about some tarina tarrantino jewellery. Its very cool for emo kids at the mo and is really cute!

    they do great broaches and bracelets.
  • bennicuk1bennicuk1 Posts: 933
    What about a button badge machine? Hours of fun and creativity in that.
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