1st Anniversary Present?

It's our 1st anniversary at the end of October and I really want to surprise Mr Chloe with something really special, but I'm having a complete block.

We're not very traditional usually but have decided that we want to do the paper thing for the 1st one.

A friend suggested a poem but I'm totally rubbish at them and even if I got someone to do one for me I'd feel terrible if I passed it off as my own (plus he wouldn't believe I wrote it!)

Please help me everyone!

Chloe x

(Can't believe it's nearly a year... need to wean off this site!)


  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Hi Chloe

    These are what I would think of:

    - A poem

    - A love letter

    - A painting or picture

    - Some calligraphy (eg a poem written out, or some Chinese writing)

    - Some origami. J still has the origami I made him from before we got together!

    - Travel tickets - train or plane somewhere

    - Tickets to the theatre

    - An invitation to a party - a first year anniversary party! I saw some friends of friends on FB did that and wore the wedding dress!

    - Photos of you, eg a photograph album with pictures of you both in - or even your first year as a married couple, with some handwritten comments

    - An ultrasound scan (obv you would have to time the pregnancy very well, but hey, it would be a cracking present! image )

    - A newspaper from the day you were married

    - A card signed by all of your friends and family

    Umm that's my ideas for now.
  • saf28saf28 Posts: 645
    It's ours on Monday and I've bought a paperweight - I know it isn't strictly speaking made of paper - but it is connected to paper! It's also apt because it's a Caithness glass one with swirls inside which look like a couple dancing - we learned to dance for our wedding a year ago!

    A friend of ours bought his wife a new pen for their anniversary last week,



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  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    My best friend's husband got her one of those personalised newspaper front covers for their 1st anniversary. He had included wedding and honeymoon pictures and written a really funny report about the day. It's not the sort of thing I'd usually go for myself, but I have to say it was really lovely!
  • cc0u91bdcc0u91bd Posts: 23
    I haven't got married yet but have thought of an idea already for ours. You can get photo mosaic's where the mosaics are made up of photos of the two of you (or anything of your shoice)that all work togather to make a bigger picture from a distamce. I think that there are companies that do it, but i think you might be able to get software that does it for you.

    Have a wonderful anniversary xxxxx
  • sigsuksigsuk Posts: 37
    I think the painting idea is a nice one.

    I commissioned an oil painting from a photo of my OH for his 30th (was a bit late in doing it and his birthday was the 11 july and the picture is not here yet..oops!) I di dover the internet and it usually takes 6 - 8 weeks to arrive.
  • Chloe1981Chloe1981 Posts: 879
    Wow, thanks everyone there's some brilliant ideas here. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I had problems logging on yesterday.

    I love the idea of doing a photo album of pictures from our 1st year of being married, I think he'd really appreciate the thought (even if it was ruthemily's thought not mine!) and it would be really lovely to be able to look back at it in years to come.

    Your paperweight sounds gorgeous Mrs Seraaahhhh, I keep asking Matt to come to dancing lessons but he's having none of it!

    What a shame your picture hasn't come yet marriage rocks, hope it comes soon!

    Thanks again everyone! x x

  • nickkipnickkip Posts: 686
    I have no useful ideas to add to the current ones, I just want to wish you a very happy anniversary.
  • Chloe1981Chloe1981 Posts: 879
    Thanks lilelf, It's gone so fast, I can't believe its a year!
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