Zoom are no longer zoooming

Oh my goodness zoom airlines have gone bust. My best friend from high school is over at the moment and due to go back to canada with Zoom on wednesday, we are having to sort her out another flight.

I loved Zoom they ment we could afford to get to see each other fairly often. I am now worried she will not be ablt to afford a flight over in April for the wedding and I really really really want her there on my big day.

I hate the credit crunch it sucks!


  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    What a bummer! We were regular Zoom flyers and they were the only service flying from Glasgow to Halifax. Now we'll have to either go to London or fly to Toronto then fly back to Halifax. We also have several Canadian guests (and my BM!) coming to our wedding next year so it's just the pits. :\(
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    I know I'm sat here rather sad really as me and h2b were only talking the other day and saying we might fly out to our friends in halifax for christmas but that won't be happening if we can't fly with zoom.

    I was only with my friend over the bank holiday when we left I said as a joke I wish I could do something to stop you from going back next week. Now this has come true have just looked for them and they will have to pay £2200 for the two of them to get back on wednesday now with air canada. Not good.

    Hope your guests and BM will be ok traveling over.
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    Check out www.canadianaffair.com

    We've used them before to visit friends in Halifax and they offer similar deals to what Zoom did.

    Hope this helps.
  • silvercapesilvercape Posts: 245
    If this helps, I've just done a quick look up of flights to Halifax (not sure if your friend is from there - but Ive assumed so)

    Gatwick to Halifax (one way inc taxes)

    OUTBOUND FLIGHTS : London Gatwick to Halifax

    Fares Adult Child Date Depart Arrival Stops Aircraft Airline

    instant purchase GBP 299.00 Tue 02 Sep 2008 11:40 14:25 Non-Stop Airbus A310

    standard fare GBP 309.00

    instant purchase GBP 299.00 Tue 09 Sep 2008 11:40 14:25 Non-Stop Airbus A310
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    Thanks for the thoughts, silvercape. We have used Canadian Affair before but the major gripe is having to travel to Gatwick. It's much easier travelling to Glasgow and we usually stay at h2b's parents before we fly. Zoom were the only operators doing the Glasgow-Halifax route (Air Canada used to do it years ago).

    The last time we used Canadian Affair I booked Easyjet flights from Edinburgh to Gatwick and overnight accommodation. Then Canadian Affair changed our dates - I couldn't change the EJ flights (can't remember the reason) so we travelled by train. The overhead lines were down between Newark and Grantham and people were being ferried between the stations in buses - OK so far, we had plenty of time built into our journey. Then someone decided to commit suicide in front of our train just after we'd left Doncaster so we were held up and eventually there was no chance of making the flight from Gatwick. Canadian Affair were very good about changing our flights - eventually flew from Glasgow to Toronto but it's so annoying when the little plane icon on the map is just over Halifax and you know it's not going to land! We had a lovely 2 hour wait for our luggage to be unloaded - great! A hot and sweaty luggage hall in Toronto in the middle of the SARS outbreak! I could go on but I will spare you the rest (thank goodness, you cry! image )

    The year after that we decided just to have a break in London and yet another person committed suicide in front of our train. Is it us? :\?

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    Thanks silvercap. Aww everyone is so sweet on here all willing to help one and other.
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    I don't know if its any help but Flybe have something in place for Zoom customers who are stranded?
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