Kick up the bum/motivation

I don't post much 1)because I don't really belong anywhere on the boards 2)internalise everything, however, I do feel comfortable here, so here goes.

I got up about 6:30 this morning to go to the toilet, and got a brain wave, that as I'd be going to the gym, then on to the library at university to bash through a backlog of assignments due at the end of September, that I'd push some washing in the machine before going back upstairs to bed.

Sooooooo, I grab the laundry bag that's in a basket in the bedroom, grab the used towels off the banister at the top of the stairs, and proceed to fall down the stairs. Hubby shouts out, are you okay (um, why don't you come see) I am, but I'm not. I kind of positioned myself to fall via my feet, so mini rug burn on side of right buttocks and I jarred the top of my right shoulder.

Cut a long story short, I picked myself up, wee weed, put towels in to wash then went back to bed. Hubs suggested that I put ice on my shoulder (thanks again pal) wo I got some ice from the freezer, and sat downstairs with it on my shoulder for half an hour, then went back up to bed about 7. We didn't get up til 9 - and I forgoed going to gym, as it's body jam day and I couldn't cope with the numerous jolts and sudden movements to my injured bod.

He told me later on that he was annoyed that I didn't answer him, and was concerned but was too tired to get out of bed to check image

So now, I'm in the library and am on the computer supposedly looking up references for my asignment, but decided to pop on here to see what's going on, and I so shouldn't be here. Please give me some encouraging words to help me stay focussed on the important things in life at the mo, which is finishing my assignments so I can qualify and apply for a job. :\?

Thank you all in advance and have a marvellous weekend


  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Ouch - that sounds really painful! Are you ok now?

    I know what you mean about assignments - I really struggled to get all mine done in the summer, but it was such a great feeling when I did! Bear that in mind - it will be worth all the hard work and stress and frustration!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Well I've just got in from work. I've now had a shower so am no longer caked in grease and smelling of fish. Quick go do your assignments or you never know.......

    Actually I was a phtographer and A/V technician in a past life, but I gave it up for a while to be with my little lad until he starts school so now I work in mil2b's chippy as it fits around h2b and son. Problem is now she wants me to take over.
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