'Hippy' Wedding - Herts brides help!

My mother is referring to our plans as my 'hippy wedding' which is really sweet - it is turning out a bit that way and you do often find me waving joss sticks around when barefoot...BUT the problem is I'm just looking for somewhere to put the marquee - ie land, with toilets. near hertfordshire. But it seems impossible....any ideas?! We're trying my father in laws cricket club but I need somewhere closer as my plan B. image Thanks! xx


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    Sesberry... you haven't told us where you are / where it needs to be closer *to.* When are you getting married? Welcome to the forum!
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    I think you're on the right track with the cricket club, how about looking up sports clubs nearer to you? Just a few more ideas:

    try schools with grounds (eg if there are any boarding schools near you they often have large grounds and are empty in the summer). Stately homes with large grounds also worth a try.

    Might also be worth contacting the county council to see if they have any ideas.

    I suspect you may have to hire your own portaloos (you can get nice ones!) for many of these places.

    Whereabouts are you holding the ceremony (as that can't be done in a marquee?)

  • Ah sorry - I'm in welwyn garden city - near hatfield. The boarding school idea is a good one - I'm considering my boarding school but it's in bath so a long way to travel.

    the wedding will be sometime next summer (june-august, we're flexible) Ceremony will be in the marquee and then we'll run to the nearest c of e church we can get a licence for to make it legal (daddykins is a vicar so he can sort that bit out! call his bishopy friends and whatnot)

    Gonna google hertfordshire boarding schools and also think about farmer's fields - if it's near enough to the farm house all we'd need it the space and the power supply and parking. xx
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    Sounds really lovely Sesberry - good luck!
  • Ooh which boarding school did you go to? I only ask because I went to boarding school in Somerset, not in Bath but most likely played your school at hockey haha!
  • "bishopy friends and whatnot" That's hilarious! I don't have any ideas on fileds or anything, I was reading to see if you wanted tips on making your wedding hippy-fied.

    Hope you have a good day, from one hippy to another
  • Thanks image

    Darkangel I went to monkton combe, where did you go? I never really played hockey - one season in goal in 6th form but other than that i was a rower/slacker!!! image
  • Ah! I went to Sexeys school in Bruton.

    I shall wait for the laughing to subside.....

    We didn't do rowing, I wonder why actually? Shame, I probably would have enjoyed that!
  • been to a marquee wedding in Little Amwell near Ware- it was church grounds and had use of the church hall facilities- plus running distance to church for the licence! sounds like it would be perfect for you! the church is called St Johns, and is C of E.
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    wow where abouts in welwyn garden city are you? thats where i live lol.

    i got a brouchure through the post for john anderson hire, they hire out toilets (very fancy ones) there website is www.superloo.co.uk

    theres loads of fields outside of hertford, assk the farmers.

    good luck xx
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    I went to a wedding in a marquee at Ferny Hill Farm which is in Hadley wood. Lovely setting
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