First Dance...Everlong??

Hello fellow B2B's!

Me and h2b are real Foo Fighters fans and we really really love Everlong. I'm just a tad worried that it's going to be, 1, too much for older relatives ears (!) and 2, difficult for us to some how dance to with out actually 'rocking out'!!!image It's one of our favourite songs and anything else we listen to, doesn't compare! I've heard there is an accustic version of Everlong which would be PERFECT but i can't seem to find it anywhere! I don't know wheter it's on a DVD or some secret Album?!?!

Can any of you lovely ladies tell me if you've heard it and if you have ideas for me how to get this mystery track! Thank you!

Loz xx


  • i had an accoustic version from limewire ages ago....
  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    I am not sure where you can get an accoustin copy but I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

    I personally love Everlong, and if you like it then it is a perfect 1st dance. We are having 'Walking After You' by Foo Fighters, and my mum turned her nose up at it, but we love it so are having it.

    Enjoy! xx
  • lozzzy86lozzzy86 Posts: 113
    Tell me about it jennied! My mother is turning her nose up at everything. From first dance to even the venue! She's really starting to get on my 32C's!!! But hey-ho, that's a different forum topic!

    "Walking after you is lovely". You should tell her you've changed your mind and make her listen to "Monkey Wrench" and tell her you're having that. That'll make her LOVE your original choice!!!image

  • From memory. I think the version on skin and bones is acoustic. I would love this to be our first song but not sure we can for the same reasons. It is not easy to dance to and I am not sure some of the guests would appreciate it. My Mum especially but unfortunately she wants me to waltz so she will probably be disappointed anyway ;\)

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    Wow, that would be a great song...wish I could convince H2B tho! It's my all time fave song!

    Yes, the skin and bones DVD has the acoustic verson on - but there's cheering from the crowd etc.

    You can def get a version on Limewire, as I used to have it.

    Let me know if you have any trouble finding it, as I can always dig out my copy and send it to you somehow image)

  • SwanlakeSwanlake Posts: 1,032
    Hi there

    I have a copy, not sure how clear it is though as it sounds a bit woolly. If you like I will email it to you?

  • lozzzy86lozzzy86 Posts: 113
    Aww thank you so much for your help ladies! I've found it on limewire and it's PERFECT! Sounds wicked. Starting to wonder what the songs about now though.... i've been reading and apparently it's about having rumpy-pumpy with his ex missus!! Blimey O'reilly!!!


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  • NifferyNiffery Posts: 7,908
    Ha ha, had come to tell you I had found a copy, but I was beaten to it! Hope you get the copy you want. And I may well meet you on ES soon for some general chinwags about mothers!


    PS Is that James the Cat on your avator?? Used to love James! Is it very very sad that I can remember the theme tune? *wanders of singing..."my names James..."*
  • Everlong was immediately the 1st song i suggested to Steve but he wasn't keen.....i swear we've been through about 10 different songs now..... I think everlong would be fab, you could dance properly during the verses and rock out in the chorus. It's good and dramatic!!
  • hellenichellenic Posts: 181
    Hello Lozzy,

    Same problem - was, without question, our first dance song but the noise issue with grandparents made us rethink, reluctantly. However, went to see FF play open air last summer in Edinburgh and as their final encore, as the sun was going down, they played a gorgeous rendition of 'Keep the Car Running' by Arcade Fire, and so there we have it...

    I'm sure I have a softer version of Everlong, although it may be too soft/slow, if you know what I mean. Would you like it posting/emailing to you?

  • lozzzy86lozzzy86 Posts: 113
    Hey Girls,

    Jennied- yes it IS James the Cat! I loved him too. He's so cute and fat!! The lyrics were... "I had money, fame and all that, my name's James, James the Cat!!" He had a really posh voice. (Sorry had to get that out my system!) He he! Yes, i'll meet you on ES soon, once i'm at the end of my teather with MOB!!!!

    Hellenic - I managed to find a copy of everlong on limewire and it's fab. It's not live and the quality is good too. Thanks for your offer though hun! It's so weird you've mentioned Arcade Fire. H2B is a huge fan and he's suggested a few of thier songs. At Reading Festival '07 they played "Wake up" when the sun was setting and it was magical. Real goosebumps kinda thing.... we thought of that, but after reading the lyrics i don't think it's fitting.

  • Mummy83Mummy83 Posts: 493
    everlong is an amazing song!!!!!! it's personally my fav slow foo song!!

    i'm having miracle as it would be easy to dance to and it sounds kinda weddingy!!

    was at the wimbley gig in june last year - was so brilliant!! everlong played then - was a really good version!!


  • I LOVE Arcade Fire, Keep the Car running is such a lovely song!!
  • Hi ladies, i know these posts were from a while back but hoping you can help! Getting married next yr and we will be having everlong as first dance. Limewire is now shut down due to court order!! Any ideas wheere I could get a good copy with no crowd etc so we can use? Thanks Ellie x

  • TickleyJessTickleyJess Posts: 1,649
    Isn't there an acoustic version on their Greatest Hits? I don't have it to hand, so I'm not sure whether there's crowd noise on it, I'm afraid x
  • Hi. If you search everlong on I tunes you will find it on the greatest hits, deluxe edition. Single is 99p. We are having the acoustic version of everlong for our first dance, but our band are playing it. Exciting!
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    If you can find an acoustic version on youtube you can download it to an mp3 - we had to do that for our first dance song as it wasn't available on cd anywhere, only a live version on youtube


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