OK, I went and had a fitting done at Rigby and Peller. Thought I may as well as I was in Blue water plus I got my sister in there- which is another part of the story that I will tell you all about shortly.

So I walked in and first of all I was told that I was probably a 30 back. Faerie nuff I thought. I told them that I was getting married and that I wanted something to hold my tummy in. They got some basques out for me but apologised as they don't come in a 30 back. I tried on a DD that fit fairly well, they tried the smaller cup just in case BUT IT WAS BIGGER!!! I'm not joking, even the woman in the shop couldn't understand it. We tried another style just in case, but still had the same problem.

Finally got the chance to look at the price- £78!!!!!! That is more than my dress cost!!!!!!! Sod that!!!!! Why is underwear so blinkin' expensive????????

Funny bit of the story now. My sister is the same size as me pretty much (5ft 3, size 10) She wears 36B's cos she can get them at pound stretcher for 5 for £5 or something along those lines. I got her into Rigby and Peller using my espionage techniques and has her measured 32D! Ha! Anyway I nearly dies if laughter as I heard her arguing with the bra fitter. As we left she was complaining at me that she wasn't about to spend £80 on a bra. I replied that she could now go and buy something a lot cheaper in the correct size now in LA Senza for example for a special occasion, say MY WEDDING (she's my MOH). She huffed that she couldn't afford there either. As we walked past it though she said "well they don't stock 32Ds any way.... do they?" I told her they did and left it at that. I AM IN HER MIND NOW!!!!!! Mwa ha ha!


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    but do remember that not all bra manufacturers make their bras in the same sizes.

    you could be a c cup in one brand, and a d in another, and a b in another. Likewise with back sizes.

    you need to learn what to look for when trying on a bra to know whether it fits - the guide on the bravissimo website is excellent, even if you're not in the size range that they sell.

    but it's worth making the effort to know what fits, and worth spending a little extra to get a decent bra that does - quite apart from the fact that the silhouette under clothes will be massively improved, and you'll look much, much better, wearing the wrong size bra is the most common cause of torn breast tissue (which doesn't hurt, but worsens drooping enormously). second most common cause is doing sport or physical activity with inadequate support.

    and wearing the wrong size bra has in the past been linked with some forms of breast cancer (although it's not been proved absolutely as far as I know).
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    I'm not sure about the cancer part but I definitely get sympathy pains when someone wearinga bad bra goes past. I have to resist the urge to shout at them and force them into Bravissimo (if you're a DD+ I seriously recommend it).

    I think your bra fitter was probably right. Most women make the mistake of thinking they are bigger in the back and smaller in the cup than they actually are. We've all got horribly distorted body images don'tcha know. image

  • Yeah I know about bra sizeage being diffrent- but seriously my sister is hopeless. I could actually strangle her with one of her cheapy 36Bs!!! Bought a couple of bits from additions today and will try on and send back as necessary. Am hoping to have my dress fitted in January and need to have the proper scaffolding. I'm quite smll but I have a bit of a tummy that makes people think I'm pregnant!
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    lol I made the same mistake as your sister when I was younger- was wearing 36B when I was a 32D!

    Now, due to stupid dieting have ended up a 34C (lost a cup size, then put weight on again but not in the same place- when will we learn we look fine without having to mess our bodies up??) but totally agree- worng size bra is ghastly.

    You are in her head now and hopefully she'll buy some nice bras!

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