Titanium ring engraving?

Hiya everyone,

Not been around here for a while *waves* hope everyone is well!

I seem to recall a couple of us having Titanium rings, and wondered if anyone could recommend somewhere to get one engraved?

Don't mind so much about price as long s its a good job!

Any help much appreciated.

Helena x


  • lins842lins842 Posts: 2,038
    i was under the impression that titanium couldn't be engraved because its so strong...??
  • welshhelenawelshhelena Posts: 418
    Hiya, it can definitely be engraved as a workshop in Lincoln that makes titanium rings engraves them too, but still waiting to hear back whether they engrave rings not bought from them..

  • TNuk1TNuk1 Posts: 255
    We had titanium rings but not engraved. Glad you found somewhere to (possibly) do it. And I guess no at least you know it's possible, even if this place won't do it for you.
  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    Hey, my man's ring is titanium and I know that is it a very specialised service as it's so difficult to do. I'm also looking so if I come across anyone, I'll let you know! xx
  • AngeliteukAngeliteuk Posts: 60
    We're getting our titanium rings engraved at Beaverbrooks!
  • welshhelenawelshhelena Posts: 418
    Ooh beaverbrooks! Will look into it!

    I've found a titanium/tungsten specialist in Lincoln called John Greed Designs www.johngreeddesigns.co.uk and they will engrave H2b's titanium ring with initials and date for £12.95. I need mine engraved too but its an antique eternity ring so tricky, but they are being very helpful.

    Thanks girls!
  • CaraHicks2bCaraHicks2b Posts: 461
    i work for h samuels. and we can engrave titanium but they arent as clear as engraving on gold and we dont recomend it as ppl often find the results to faint and disappointing. but yes it can be done but its not as clear as gold.
  • getigeti Posts: 2
    cara89 is right in as much as results using conventional engraving means are poor, but the method we use to engrave our GETi Titanium and Black Zirconium rings is by laser, which is very deep, long lasting (will never wear off!) and versatile - hundreds of different fonts are available, even your own handwriting if you prefer.

    We also engrave other Titanium and precious metal rings as well. www.geti.cc

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  • getigeti Posts: 2

    I should also have mentioned that you can also have your own fingerprints (or that of your better half) engraved on to a ring as well - but keep it to yourself, it's a bit hush, hush at the moment image
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