Table Stoofes

Hi Ladies!

I was just having a think the other day about table decorations/centerpieces and i have no idea of what i would like, so i just wondered what you lovely ladies are doing? I think we would like to have something 50'sish maybe. Also you ladies who are going abroad what are you doing? We're getting married in Austria so it's either got to be light or fit in H2B parent's car as they are driving there lol! image



  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    You could have big martini glasses filled with something. I always think they look really stylish.

    Not quite sure you could fly with them! But they may go in the car with some good padding?!
  • SpefflesSpeffles Posts: 363
    We're planning to have pot plants that people can adopt but I guess they wou;dn't travel so wellimage. I also bought some paper lanterns in caae it's a bad winter and the plant thing doesn't work out. They would travel well with some battery tealights.
  • tinkerbecky86tinkerbecky86 Posts: 258
    Thanks for replying ladies! Rue the Milly i was thinking about them! With some red roses and maybe something to bulk them out with. Speffles thats sounds lovely! and very green! I shall keep looking for ideas, oh well, i have long enough lol image

    Thanks again!

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