Have I gone completely nuts?


was idly talking to my OH about the wedding earlier on today and commented that seeing as we plan on having a small family only wedding followed by a meal in a restaurant with a big party for friends the next day, maybe we should consider doing the two a couple of months apart. That way we'd be spreading the costs and we'd be able to actually get married fairly soon. I didn't really expect him to take my suggestion seriously but he did and now we're actually seriously thinking about getting married at the end of November!

The registry office has a time slot open on the day we want, we've picked the restaurant we'd want the meal at - a hotel we've been to several times - and I've more or less decided on my dress. So I'm guessing the question is can we get a wedding organised in 4 months on a budget of about £2.5K?!


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    So I'm guessing the question is can we get a wedding organised in 4 months on a budget of about £2.5K?!

    Yes, I'd say you could! We had 10 months to plan ours- but a lot of the time I felt like we were waiting to get to the point where we could decide things. As long as the venue is available and your dress can be ready in that amount of time then I would go for it! I booked a florist with about 3 weeks to go (our first one let us down) and I expect at that time of year you wouldn't find other things, like a photographer (if you're having one) difficult to book.

    We had a small wedding too (19 guests) and the total cost (including large post-wedding party and 2 day mini moon at a posh hotel was around £4k. I didn't feel that we had to cut back on anything at all, so I would think your budget would be more than enough. And planning it in a short time will stop you spending loads of money on unecessary things!

    How exciting, good luck! :\)
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    sorry, double post!

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    totally do-able - go for it!
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    of course you can do it, i got engaged in march im getting married at the start of november we are having 120 guests and our budget is £3,000 like binky said if your dress and venue can be ready everything else is pretty easy, good luck x
  • You're not nuts! We planned our pretty much whole wedding and reception in 3 months and now have time to spare to chill out image Only got cars and rings to sort now.

    Have fun planning!
  • definitely! Go for it! Best wishes xxx C
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    I'd say you could definitely do it, go for it!
  • Thanks for all the replies

    After talking it over with my OH again we've decided that it's just not practical image My OH is half Malaysian Chinese and has family in both Malaysia and America and it's way too short notice for them to come over. I know that it was only a very vague plan, more of a pl than a plan but I can't help feeling really disappointed. Feeling a bit low today because of it.
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    We had very similar ideas to you to be honest - we saw a last-minute bargain special offer at a gorgeous venue and we nearly booked it as we were so desperate to just be married, but it was only 4 weeks away and it clashed with FIL's knee operation so he wouldn't have been mobile and we would have been stuck with people possibly being unavailable on the day. Plus the wedding we had planned was a very relaxed day at a budget venue with a ceilidh band, free bar etc and we couldn't have afforded any of these extras at the last-minute venue as it was a posh place, so eventually we left it that we'd wait the looooooong year til our date came round. I am so glad we did. We had the day we really wanted, with all the people that mattered. I totally understand you wanting to just get married, but don't be disheartened, your day will come around before you know it and you'll wonder why you ever thought about rushing the run-up!
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