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I'm seriously considering buying a corset from here as they've got a massive sale on but want to get peoples opinions of them first. Anyone?


  • I got a waspie from here a few months ago which I may or may not wear under my wedding dress (haven't been for my first fitting as yet). It's really great and such a reasonable price. I've been wearing it around the house on and off, just to wear it in a little and it's great.
  • rebagnallrebagnall Posts: 319

    I bought a crost from here, and was pretty pelased with it! For the rpice, it's good quality, and is steel boned, which normally costs a lot more. It took afew weeks for mine to arrive (I bought it on ebay) as they were out of stock, but they did let me know, and gave me the option of cancelling, or having a pair of long gloves thrown in as an apology. It's pretty comfy to wear, and although probably won't last as long as the more expensive brands (vollers etc) it certainly did the job of pulling me in a showing off my curves. Go for it!
  • Just ordered myself a black waspie, have no idea what I'm going to wear it with or where to but I've always wanted one. It was on sale on their ebay store for £29.99 so bargain! Plus seeing as they're based just down the road from me in Carshalton it shouldn't take too long to get here!
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    I wore one of their's for my wedding yesterday - really really good especially considering the price! Wore it for about 14 hours too and it was still quite comfy (bearing in mind it is a corset at the end of the day, so that comment is relative of course!).
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