Choclate Experience - Gone bust!!


Has anyone else booked with a guy called Carl Brooks from a company called chocolate experience?! We booked him to do a ice cream bike at our wedding and never got a confirmation...after chasing and chasing, someone from another company called me to say they had taken over and would honour bookings made...but I now haven't heard from them either...anyone else used this company?!?


  • The situation is this, Carl Brooks has not gone bust. To the best of my knowledge he has never suffered any financial problems and until recently ran a successful business.

    Recently Carl suffered some personal problems, which I do not intend to discuss on a public forum. The upshot of this was that on 14 September 2009, Candy Floss Crazy acquired Carls entire business including stock, equipment, assets and work in hand. Part of the deal was an agreement that we would honour any deposits or bookings made with Chocolate Experience prior to the date on which we took control.

    We are now in the process of integrating this work into our existing systems. Unfortunately due to the large number of bookings we estimate that this will take around another month. What we have decided to do therefore is sort out the jobs in the order in which they are due to be carried out, so this weekends work (3rd October) is being clarified and confirmed now. Jobs booked for July 2012, will be last on our list, so if you have not been contacted and your job is months or years away then that is the reason why. We would ask that people allow us a little time to integrate the businesses fully. I understand that planning a wedding is a stressful time, and you may be worried, but we will honour your bookings in full.

    Yours Jason Moody
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