scarlett o'hara - opinions please :)

Hi everyone, well I had everything all planned out and then today my mum and me fell in love with 'the' dress.. suddenly everything seems to be falling into place but I need some ideas. The dress is very scarlett o'hara from gone with the wind, and so now want the whole themed wedding. My dress is floaty and pretty, and I will have my hair like scarletts possibly with red ribbons. What I dont know about is my BM's.. what on earth do I get for them, lol. Any ideas would be appreciated plus any thoughts on a 'gone with the wind' style wedding image Here's a small (and bad quality) pic of me in the dress - the flowers are not the ones for the day! hope this gives you some idea of what I#'m after doing - oh and do you think its a weird idea - not sure what my BM's are gonna think image - forgot to say I dont have the hoop on with this picture - I'd never get it all in the pic, lol

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  • Oh Missy! You should dress your bms as Melly! Soz so love gone with the wind. You rock that frock!xxx

  • Fiddle-de-de!I like great idea x
  • Nell79Nell79 Posts: 119
    Love the idea! Didnt she wear some nice red dresses, or green dresses. Or how about BM dresses in the style of the old style underwear, so a corset and skirt or bloomers!
  • How about a nice, stiff, red petticoat like Rhett buys Mammy to win her over?!
  • jemwarriorjemwarrior Posts: 2,105
    What a pretty dress!
  • I love your dress!! gorgeous
  • thankyou all for your messages, I have a friend coming over today to try and help with some ideas image I'll let you all know what gets decided. I asked h2b last night if he can wear a cravat rather than a tie and without knowing the plans he said 'your not dressing me up as bloody rhett butler are you? LOL... little does he knowimage
  • "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn"

    hehe sorry couldn't resist!

    I think it's a fab idea - your frock is lovely

    and clark gable - swoon!

    get your BM's round for a bottle of wine and watch the dvd x
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