As you can (hopefully) see from my avatar pic, the engagement ring my lovely h2b suprised me with is very unusual. I also have fat short sausage fingers and the ring basically goes up to my knuckle!

But I love it to bits, I am have thinking of just not bothering with a wedding band and using my engagement ring. I also can't wear it on my other hand as I cut open 2 ringers a few years ago and they have very poor circulation, I have tried to wear rings on them before and it just didnt work. H2b is delighted that I love it so much to use it as my wedding ring. Just wondered if anyone else has done something similar?

Thanks in advance xXx


  • Mrs_MTLMrs_MTL Posts: 2,452
    If you love it like that hun, I would use at as a wedding ring. It's not essential to have a band or anything, and it is a GORGEOUS ring!

  • jemwarriorjemwarrior Posts: 2,105
    My engagment ring is a big cluster and no matter what I put with it, it doesn't go, so I'm considering using it like that or buying a cheap one just to use on the day.
  • I've decided to do exactly the same - use my engagement ring as my wedding ring - like Jemwarrior's it's a large cluster and like kerriganchan i have short fat sausage fingers(!!) so nothing is going to fit round it. I've thought for quite a while about swapping it to my right hand, but it was my late mother's ring, and it's so very very precious to me, that i sort of feel that i don't want to relegate it to the right, so to speak.

    So, my opinion/advice petal - if you love it, use it as your wedding ring, i'm going to. :\) xxx
  • I think the important thing is that you love your ring. If it feels right for you to have it as your wedding ring, do it.

    I don't have an engagement ring at all and my wedding ring is meteorite,
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Thanks for the replies girlies! Much appreciated. Have told both mums my idea and they agree its probably the best thing to do image xxx
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