Help me find a dress like this (slight catch.. need it before the end of April!!)

Hi ladies

I have become obsessed with this dress:

and I absolutely must have one just like it!!

My mum's throwing me a big pre-wedding party (tradition where she's from) its meant to be like a bridal shower but is essentially just like another wedding - I already have dresses to wear for it but I've just realised that I've always had my heart set on a 50s style dress but have been ignoring the niggling voice in my head!

Please please please try and help me find something as similar as possible to this (or if there are any seamstresses who think they'd be able to make one in time would love to hear from you)

Found one on ebay almost identical but when i contacted them they said that they couldn't do it in time image (even though their listing says that the normal order time is 30 days and they can do rush and super rush orders, oh well, seems they just don't want my money!)

Anyway, any help/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated! xx


  • Hi fashionista, have you looked at honeypie boutique? they have a dress called Audrey, it is sleeveless but quite similar to this one. I looked at this dress in a colour for my BMs, they do a lace up back usually but I prefer buttons and they said they could adjust the style to have buttons up the back. I think you could get a dressmaker to put a ribbon round the waist of it for a bit of detail too. Here it is;

  • Sorry I have just seen delivery time of 10-12 weeks, it might still be worth contacting them, they were really helpful and may be prepared to do something for you.

    Good luck
  • gizmo_girl - thanks, their stuff is really cute, i contacted them and they were really lovely and offered to sell me a sample, but the only one they have is too big and i don't really want to faff around with alterations and stuff at this stage.

    Mrs_MTL - thanks, you're a star! cutting edge brides seem to have the exact one!! but there's a note saying it won't be in til late April image have emailed them anyway to see if there's anyway they could get it to me in time.

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    Let me know how you get on hun.

  • Have you checked out Fur Coat No Knickers? Not sure what your price range is though as they're a bit on the expensive side.
  • Mrs_MTL - the lady from cutting edge brides has just emailed me back and she says she may be able to get it to me by the end of April, woooohoooo!!! Thank u so much for suggesting them!!! xxx

    aklyja - yes, i've considered them, but as i've already spent rather a lot on my actual wedding dress i'm trying to resist!! they have some reaaaalllyy gorgeous stuff though, so its pretty hard!

  • Have you tried Dolly Couture = not sure if they could make one in the short time you have but they might have one already for sale? Worth an enquiry as they are very helpful there
  • thanks for the suggestion mrs imaginaryannie, i did look into them too, i'm not sure they could do it within the time. couldn't see one for sale already either image

    the good news however, is that the lovely Grangebex may be making me the dress!!! yaaayy!!! image

  • this is my dream dress too !

    Ive only just started looking because we are getting married in 2012 but i love this dress and have been using it as inspiration,

    Can you keep us updated on the search becuase i love it !!

    Good luck x
  • Hi kirsty_leanne, I will definitely keep you posted - it is such an adorable dress! I'm sure whatever you choose that's inspired by this will be simply stunning. xx
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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK that's what I had my dress AND veil copied from!!!!! Can I post a gratuitous picture??? Can I? Ah, go on.... I'm going to anyway!


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    Is it just me having difficulty with this new site??? I've tried to post a reply but it disappeared.... Anyhoo, THIS IS MY DRESS AND VEIL!!!! I LOVED IT!

    I'm going to post YET ANOTHER picture of it (if it works this time....) I just can't help myself!


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    I can't cope with this new site and the time delay thing with posting stuff.... I'm going back to bed!
  • more pictures please emsyj!! more pictures!!! how totally and utterly stunning!!! love the veil too!

    i'm trying to decide whether to have a coloured petticoat (perhaps pale pink) or just stick with ivory like Audrey's

    Did you have any kind of corsetry/boning in yours?

    hate the new site too image why oh why did they have to ruin a perfectly good thing??

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    I know, I HATE the new site, urgh!!! If you look on the Stephanie James website there's a similarish dress on there that has pale blue petticoats, which looks really pretty against the white of the fabric. Pale pink would be lovely too.

    I didn't have any boning in mine at all - it was just the fabric and lining, buttoned at the back. On reflection, I wish I'd had it a little shorter (which the dress lady did suggest, but I turned her down and said I liked the ballerina length...) and a few more petticoat layers.

    The veil was a right rigmarole - I ended up getting it custom made by Kelly Spence, who was fab. I went to see her at her studio and she made a mock-up of what I wanted in a synthetic fabric then made the 'real thing' in silk tulle with a little ribbon sewn into the gather to attach it to the top of my dress. It was fabulous daaaaaaaaahling!

    Will post a few more pics hang on...

  • Oooooh the dress on the Stephanie James website does look really pretty with the blue! I just can't decide!! Blue, pink, ivory - what to do what to do??

    Were your buttons 'functional' or purely aesthetic? I don't know whether to have a zip with buttons over the top, or a zip at the side but still with buttons down the back.

    I think the length looks fantastic on you, you honestly look like the very definition of pretty in your wedding outfit - I absolutely love everything about it.

    I am so tempted to get a veil like yours.. but I've already spent loads on having a full length silk tulle veil made for the actual wedding!

  • Where did you get the bridesmaids dresses from absolutely gorgeous, I love tea length dresses even thought of having one myself but I want the long dress train mermaid thingy lol image

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    I got my BM dresses from - they've got tons of fab dresses on there and they're really reasonably priced too. Also got their pink petticoats there.

    The buttons were functional fashionista - there was no zip underneath, it just fastened with buttons which took poor hubby ages to undo on our wedding night haha!!!

    Re: coloured pettis, I was almost going to have them but in the end I went for just ribbon edging and a bit of petticoat peeping out the bottom - but what would look gorgeous would be a touch of colour from a coloured ribbon edging perhaps? I love the idea of coloured petticoats but just wasn't brave enough in the end.

    If you wanted a veil like mine, Kelly Spence could do it in a synthetic tulle (which is actually very nice - I just had a psychological 'need' to have silk because the dress was silk etc) for about £70 (that's what she quoted me). The silk one I had was £210 including postage. It's properly squished now after being more or less discarded in a corner after the ceremony and silk doesn't cope very well with that sort of treatment!
  • Hehehe, i can imagine! my h2b is rubbish with fiddly stuff like that!

    ooooh yes, the coloured ribbon edging is a fab idea! definitely going to explore that one more!!

    the problem with the veil is i would have the same psychological need.. i know the good synthetic ones can be very very nice, but i just seem to have this mental block when it comes to these things! the other thing is i feel like i need to save something for the actual wedding so perhaps another veil would be a tad over indulgent! however, to compensate, i'm considering getting a side tiara with a little bow, as a sort of nod to the audrey veil.
  • wow thanks...ive been switching from tea length to full length for on a budget and have three bridesmaids and a flower girl eeps x
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    Drop waist looked AWFUL on me, I did try the Candy Anthony 'Funny Face' dress which has the drop waist (obviously based on the Audrey dress with a name like that!!!) and it made me look like a stuffed sausage unfortunately! The fullness is fabulous though, I wish I'd gone for that.

    Happy to send you a link to my photos if you private mail me.

    Princessp, Unique Vintage are really good value I think - my dresses were one of the more expensive ones on the site but they were still only about £120 each. They had loads for much less £££ I just loved the polka dot overlay!
  • Hi for future reference if there are any Audrey Hepburn lovers in the house, Cutting Edge Brides sell this exact dress, the exact replicate. £495 with a quick turnaround on delivery. 01322 316 084
  • although i rarely come on here now, I did make fashionistas dress, and she loved it!! and I got it done in time, and on budget!! pics` on the other wedding forum that we all defected too lol!!

  • ok so i know im quite late for this, (hopefully it will help other brides) but light in the box do a copy of this dress for around £150 ish i try and find a link

    hope this helps xx
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