Is anyone else worried about wedding not being special enough?

We're having a small wedding, less than 20 people, so it'll probably be registry office followed by dinner at a private dining room in a restaurant. It needs to be very low key as I get very agitated in crowds or when there is pressure due to strict timings. Neither of us have any family apart from my children so it's a short guest list anyway.

This obviously restricts the venues as most wedding places are bigger. I'm a bit worried about it being boring and also that the venue will be a crappy wee room with no atmosphere.

I suppose deep down i would love a big romantic wedding and I'm a bit sad that won't happen.

I feel a bit pathetic today, tell me to snap out of it lol.


  • My sis got married last August and her wedding had 16 people there - icluding the bride and groom and it was absolutely brilliant.

    Really intimate, she made it really special by having lots of personalised little touches for each guests - I think when theres less of you, you can go to more personal lengths with the guests and this makes it feel more special and personal than a big wedding.

    Dont worry!image
  • To find a special location - you should look at Boutique Hotels that have really stunning surroundings for smaller numbers of guests.

    I'm not sure where you are, but a boutique hotel such as Blanch House in Brighton has a maximum Wedding guest size of 36 people - so I dont think you'll have trouble finding somewhere gorgeous for around 20 people.

    My sis had hers in an beautiful Orangery - and there was no Minimum guest number because she got married on a weekday.
  • I'm having a tiny wedding - just me and my other half, my parents and my two boys. Dp doesn't do crowds and my two boys both have autism so they wouldn't cope with a busy noisy day.

    In a way I'd have liked a bigger wedding, not massive but about 40 guests but as it's not to be, I decided that there's nothing stopping me from making my little wedding really special.

    I'm getting married in a castle and the reception in is a private dining room, very intimate. As I haven't got 40 favours to buy, I can get things a bit more personal. For my boys I'm putting together a box of toys and mementos for the day, hopefully they'll play after the meal and the adults can chat.
  • Honestly? I think you could be inviting 150 people and still worry about it not being good enough.

    You have a fantastic opportunity to make your wedding personal, memorable and tailor made to you and your guests - how many brides can say that!?

    Why not ask your favourite restaurant if you can hire it for an evening/afternoon? You have soo many options open to you as you aren't bound by numbers and either "menu A or B" for 60 people.

    My wedding mantra is this - "get married, have fab party, have honeymoon, done" You can do exactly that, with much less stress and much more flexibility than most.

    So snap out of it and think about how to make it personal to you!!!
  • I was at first, a registry office, a second hand dress and a reception at or house? Not now - the registrar has been in to see me (i work next door) and i am now completely at ease regarding the "service", we can write our own vows and have the music we want. Because I'm not organising for a lot of people, i have had time to make my own corsage and handbag corsage, grooms buttonhole and bridesmaid bouquet, as well as adapting our pashminas and also making my own jewellery. We can concentrate on getting our house beautiful with lots of lovely intimate little touches and am looking forward to having people there who we want and who want to be and not just numbers "for show". Our wedding is now just over 4 weeks away and i really can't wait to be Mrs Trotter - its even getting to H2B - he wrote he loved me on Facebook!!!!!
  • I am a bit worried about it, am trying to snap out of it!

    A private dining room sounds like a fab idea! It'll be intimate so will have plenty of atmosphere.
  • B_HWPB_HWP Posts: 16
    Your wedding is what you make it. It's not about expensive cars, cakes or jewellery. It's not about inviting a hundred work colleagues to witness you giving H2B's wallet open heart surgery.

    Your wedding is about declaring your love for each other in front of the people you care about. It'll feel special if you remember it's about the heartfelt stuff - the things you'lll remember as a couple, like looking into each others eyes while you make your vows.

    B x
  • hulaukhulauk Posts: 48
    I had the same thoughts, what would others think about my wedding. I'm having 40 people to the day and a few more in the evening, H2B and i looked at loads of venues and really did not think they fitted with what we wanted, which was a relaxing, intimate day with as little stress as possible (families at war!)

    We picked a local restaurant that serves the most delicious food and they have a civil ceremony license, i realised that by only having the people there that truly matted, i can spend a little more on the extras. Ie: nicer menu, more free drinks!

    I am not having bridesmaids due to the size of the ceremony room but have asked my best friend to do a reading, which she loved the idea of!

    My sister and i are making the invites, grooms father growing the flowers, mum making the cake. Everyone i asked wants to be involved so all my guest will be asked to write a message/or draw a design on a sheet of paper and i'm going to get these made into paper chains for outside the venue.

    I'm sure anything you pick will be great as long as you are true to yourself
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