Uninviting and uninspired..

Hey everyone, I'm really struggling to find invitations and I've only got just under 5 months to go!

I really don't like anything too traditional looking and I don't have much of a theme (bridesmaids are wearing black and white polka dot)

Any recommendations/advice or just show me what you all are having?

Thank you. Confused xx image


  • DisneyCMFDisneyCMF Posts: 1,718

    I make wedding invitations, as a hobby, and have made things for quite a few brides on here. If you'd like to drop me an email to [email protected] I may be able to help you out or at least offer my advice.
  • I just went through the same thing with invites and I have to say it has been my least favourite part of the planning process so far. I completely agree on how many uninspiring and down right boring designs there are out there. I have just over 4 months to go and I was beginning to panic too!

    Since I just wanted something very simple, I ended up ordering through this site:


    They have 1000s of designs that you can customize. I suggest that if you have colours or a theme in mind that you type it into the search engine (ie- type in "polka dot wedding invitations"). Or you can just do want I did and browse until something strikes your fancy.

    I ended up finding a design with sakura flowers that I liked (well better than everything else I had seen) and I ended up contacting the designer to cutomize it even more for me.

    All my stationary will be based on this design but will have a white background and red and black text and graphics.


    The best part is they won't break the bank (mine are coming in at less than ?????£1 per invite and they're linen). I should be recieving them any day now so hopefully I'll still be happy when I get them!

  • AnnaMonkeyAnnaMonkey Posts: 49
    I've been looking at Vistaprint, and they're not too bad! none of the designs is jawdroppingly original but you can play with what there is and/or upload your own stuff. and they have fantastic offers if you sign up. and lastly atm you can get invites from .... 40p an invite. win!

  • Flame_13Flame_13 Posts: 195
    Thanks ladies, just looking at zazzle now.

    DisneyCMF I would email you but I have no idea what it is I'm looking for so I'd be the worst client ever right now!!

    I guess I'll keep looking, actually I found this


    But I'd have no idea how to go about making something like that! Looks very cool though.
  • cheerynipscheerynips Posts: 38
    These are my absolute favourite.

    I would def have these if I'd found them before we sent our invites out...


  • i used zazzle and was really happy with what i got. Love that site.
  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    We did a photo upload for postcards from vistaprint and are really pleased with the outcome.
  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    These are ours, they are mini manuals for the day! We are getting married at Haynes Motor Museum and I'm not into frills and ribbons so we decided to do something a bit more quirky. Haynes gave us permission and also helped with the artwork. We got a local printer to do them and our day and evening invites came to £60 (about 130 invites in total)

    We sent them out a few weeks ago and have got some really great feedback on them, and they have generated a bit more excitement about the wedding, especially from the men. (My god mother even told me how her husband took theirs into work to show the lads!)

    I'd say do something quirky, so many people have said how much they are looking forward to the wedding and I think your invites should set the scene for the day, however that might be.

  • Georgia209Georgia209 Posts: 360
    I don't know what your budget is but I've found some amazing American designers that do really cool invites which are hand printed with goccos or letterpress (etc etc). If ure interested then email me and I'll try and get a list together.
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    I was just going to recommend the weddingteatowels website until I saw someone else had beaten me to it. It's run by a friend of a friend, never met her/them, but have seen the invite my friend got and they look fab (think they're also branching out into other products might be worth asking about) x
  • gemmylougemmylou Posts: 290
    These are the ones we had:

    They are from a VERY talented lady on Etsy...


  • i made mine and am a little embarrassed to say that my SIL to be posted them in wedding ideas magazine this month!!, it then has a link saying 'get yours on page 23' where prices start from £2.00!!!! i did all mine for free at work!! didnt take long
  • Flame_13Flame_13 Posts: 195
    Thanks ladies, I love the wedding tea towels and had previously enquired about them but they were a bit over budget. Gemmylou those invite or totally drop dead gorgeous.

    We've decided to try make our own photo booth style invites - something like this..

    Well thats my first attempt. My little brother took the pics so they are not perfect yet. But i'm quite pleased! Your thoughts?
  • Flame_13Flame_13 Posts: 195
    miss_pitstop, I think your invites are very cool and unusual too.
  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    Thank you flame13, I absolutely love them! How are you getting on with your search? Let us know what you decide on!
  • Miss_PitstopMiss_Pitstop Posts: 342
    Thank you flame13, I absolutely love them! How are you getting on with your search? Let us know what you decide on!
  • curlymopukcurlymopuk Posts: 208
    How about these? You can print them at home on some nice, lightweight card from any stationers. They'd look really pretty and professional.

    http://www.empapers.com/complete-wedding-sets/black-white-printable-wedding-set-bike (my favourite, very cool)


    And these too:

    http://www.nonpareilmag.com/downloads/issue-02-free-diy-printable-bold-bunting-invitations/ (a friend used these and they looked very pretty)


    You just have to put your own text in and it is quite easy to do - you need photoshop or illustrator etc and use this as the background, then you put your own text over the top - it says so on the PDF to help you.

    You can download fonts for free from www.dafont.com - so worth it, there are some gorgeous ones.

    *Forgot to add - these are all FREE*
  • MrsPwithpudMrsPwithpud Posts: 194
    I like your pictures!

    We made festival ticket-style invites for our guests. We're goign camping for our weddign so it made sense! They were from Ballistic Blue and are meant to be for hen party invitations. All our guests commented on them and really liked them! image
  • We are having invites which come printed on paper which have seeds in them. After the wedding, the guests can plant the invite and flowers will grow. It goes with our plant theme and is a bit more unusual than just standard invitations.
  • We're having www.weddingteatowels.co.uk as well. LOVE THEM!

    Totally rate the passport idea though as well. We did that for our save the dates and just sent it out on an email. We were going to do it for our actual invitations but I just couldn't get over myself enough to do it, as I was constantly babbling on about not liking the picture of myself!
  • LucyMay88LucyMay88 Posts: 373
    How about a black and white photo of you both on a polka dot piece of paper. Nice and simple to make yourself even x
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