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Okay, as some of you might know, my partner and I have started a photo-booth business. I'm not going to mention names or links at the moment because I'm not trying to sell anything and I'd really just like your opinion on an idea.

I'm a major Whovian and I was looking at the booth while we were doing a wedding on Saturday night and suddenly realised it could look really cool if we had a set of external curtains that made the front half look like the TARDIS. (I'd love to do the interior also to look like the TARDIS, but I don't think I could quite manage to make it much bigger inside than it is outside... Or convince David Tennant/Matt Smith to be waiting inside.)

While I'd largely be doing this for myself and my own wedding, do you think anyone else would be interested in such a thing?


  • Hi SpecialSundae

    If we'd seen this when we were organising our wedding we would definately have been interested in it but then hubby and I are major geeks (we got friends of ours a blow dalek as a wedding present!)
  • Oh hell yeah, my fella and I LOVE Doctor Who! I've been toying with getting a photo booth for our wedding but they're so expensive! Might just get an instant camera and get guests to take ones of each other for the guest book instead.. even though the film is really expensive. Oh decisions!
  • this is a fab idea!! Do it, do it!! I don't suppose you can get the tardis over to cyprus can you? image Maybe you could set up a range of themes to suit different interests...?
  • AmyLou2 - Offbeat Bride has had a few good tutorials on how to run your own photobooth.

    Do you have a friend with a decent digital camera and tripod which they would let you use? I'd personally choose a digital camera over an instant print camera. That way there's little possibility of having to stop using the camera half-way through the evening because you can't do any more prints. Plus you can post them online and let everyone print their own (or just post them to their Facebook pages).

    Annaroo78 - Any suggestions for themes would be welcome! I'd been bugging my boy to let me have a TARDIS (or some other Dr Who element) at our wedding for ages and it just seemed like the perfect solution.

    I'd love to but it would be scarily expensive to ship the booth over. image Even packed down to it's smallest components it would fill a Victorian steamer trunk and need at least two people to lift it.

    (Edited to add link to tutorial.)

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