HELP engagement ring advice - with pics! Conventional or blue?

Ok, when I go engaged I was given a beautiful proposal, but no ring, as I always said I did not expect one/would want to choose it myself/would not expect him to pay for it alone.

We've found the loveliest little shop in Islington (London) and I have chosen my ring but I can't decide between diamond or aquamarine. I'm going to get white gold, but which stone? I never thought I'd even consider a diamond, but it's just so... sparkly. Am I copping out and going with convention?

Here's the diamond one:

and the aquamarine:

I'd welcome your comments.


  • VictoriaPVictoriaP Posts: 174
    I always thought I would want a sapphire but now I have my diamond I look at it sparkling about 100 times a day and am so glad I went for the conventional option xx
  • I love the aquamarine. It's gorgeous, but if you get the one you love because you love it then it isn't giving into convention; it's doing what works for you.
  • I got an antique emerald with sparkly diamonds round the outside...get whatever your heart leaps at, you have to wear it on your finger for a very long time. I still stare at my engagement ring everday...its perfect for me and it made me almost cry when it was put on.

    suppose its a bit like when you find 'the''ll just know!
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Go aquamarine... my engagment ring is tanzanite and diamonds and I love love love it, love having something unusual. You can always have diamonds in your eternity or wedding rings! xxxx
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Ooh it's so hard, I love both! I do like the idea of a eternity band though...!
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    I would personally have both!

    Design exactly what you want perhaps the aquamarine in the middle and encrusted diamonds round actual ring or a diamond either side.

    My hubby designed my engagement ring and we designed our wedding rings together. It means they are more unusual but more personal and it was such a nice thing to do.

    Mrs Bxx
  • i always thought I would want a ruby, but when I saw the diamonds I couldnt resist! Sooo sparkly! Do what makes you happy x
  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    I have a blue sapphire with diamonds around the stone and I love it!!!! It's a bit of an unusual shape so had to get my wedding ring made and I have the diamonds on the band to match, I love my rings! If you are in the north east can recommend a really good company for bespoke rings, so reasonable as well - Rings by Design xxx
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Hm, interesting... Thanks, ladies. I really love the shape of this design, and the quality - it is just so heavy and luxurious. Stephen Einhorn also does bespoke so I had a consultation and I am getting a design for the aquamarine in the centre and the diamonds on the edges just to see what it looks like, but I may just go for the design as it is... So hard! I know I want to get my ring there, though, I just get a really good feeling from this place - like they are my kind of people - does that sound crazy?!

    He does have another design I like also which could solved my problems as it has an eternity band that sits next to the engagement and I could have diamonds in one, aquamarine in the other... What do you think?
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133

    Argh, will this work as a link?

    Edit - Nope. Sorry.... Eesh, not very forum-savvy!
  • i wish i had 6000 to spend on a ring image thats more than my wedding! x
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    I'm getting it in white gold so depending on the stone it'll be 1.5-2.5K Which is an ENORMOUS amount, I know, but we've saved for a long time. I am very lucky, though, you are right.

    I don't think your wedding will be any less special or wonderful or personal because you have a smaller budget than someone else - it'll be perfect, I hope it is. xx
  • They're all really beautiful rings - but - and please don't hate me for this - what I love the most about my very simple diamond engagement ring (apart from that my husband picked it - in front of me just in case! lol!) is that the light catches every facet and twinkles at me all the time. We only got married two years ago but there was a trend for the stone being set in the solid band like the ones you've looked at and whilst they really are gorgeous, they didn't catch the light in the same way at all so the stone looked far more dull. Fashions change but classic lasts forever. We had lots of "different" things for our wedding which was far from conventional but I suprised myself by just how traditional my rings are. My eternity ring is actually an antique that I fell in love with last Christmas so thats definately a classic! lol!

    So the only advice I can offer is to go with your heart, and try to future proof your ring! ;o) You know you'll pick the one that's right for you anyway!! x
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    pinky - I wouldn't hate you for your opinion! It's really useful. I totally understand the sparkle diamond thing, but I've been doing a lot of reading (I'm a geek) and I think diamonds set in this way don't actually sparkle any less as they refract light instead of reflecting it (I think that's right). BUT, if you can see more of the stone there is more to sparkle, so you're right, I'd get less sparkle as I see less stone... I do really like this setting though, I'm not really a claw set kinda gal, I like how wearable it is...

    I love your advice to future proof the ring! Ooh, maybe I want the diamond one. It DOES go with everything! x

    I'm going back to look at them this weekend...
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    There you go sweet that should work.

    Totally agree with the future proof it - got married in June and I still look at my engagement and wedding ring everyday and love them! Love watching the diamonds sparkle!

    Keep checking back to see if you have made your decision on what to get.

    Mrs Bxx
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Oh MrsB thank you so much! I just can't work out this picture business...

    So, true to form I changed my mind on both of the options I had before and decided to go for something a little more delicate-but-still-chunky. I've chosen this ring:

    In white gold with a diamond. You can't see but it has a cut away on both sides so you can see more of the stone but still has the smooth setting I like - I'm a total clutz, I need something that won't get caught on anything! I love it! We ordered it at the weekend and then we have to go back in two weeks for a fitting and I get to choose my diamond from a selection they're getting in for me - (which I am really excited about, I hadn't realised I got to do this).

    Your comments have been really really helpful, thank you all very much.

    Sooo.... Waddaya think?!
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Oh - I think I have just worked out how to make links (slooow me)

    (EDIT - for some reason I can only make a link to the main website and not the ring - weird - ring link above!)
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    It's beautiful and picking your diamond will be exciting.

    Have fun and's lovely to be married but a little sad when it's all over.

    Mrs Bxx
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Yay, thank you!

    Aw, don't say that! You know what I'm looking forward to way more than the wedding? The bit afterwards where I don't have to say 'boyfriend' anymore, I can say, 'this is my husband'! xx
  • thats absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you totally "got" what I was trying to say. And as for the "husband" not "boyfriend" - that was exactly why I wanted to get married - it changed absolutely nothing but I wanted to call him my husband! I still get a kick out of it! lol! Hope you have a fab time getting your ring image) x
  • The dates arent showing up on the posts so i do apologise if this is old or i'm commenting and it was ages ago and you've already decided.

    I always knew i needed a big bold piece of jewellery for my engagement ring because dainty jewellery just doesnt suit me.

    But i also knew i didnt want diamonds for a few reasons. I settled on really light aquamarines because they were light enough to go with everything and were alot more me than diamonds.

    The only thing i have found with the Aquamarine which would incline me to say go for the diamonds is...

    The Aqua ring needs to be cleaned more often because when it gets dirty or dusty it shows the stone as foggy because there is colour. i have an open gallery on my emerald cut aquas so you might not have the same problem with the setting you have chosen.

    Both designs are BEAUTIFUL. Let us know what you decide! image
  • MarywedsMaryweds Posts: 133
    Oh yeah, pinky, I totally got it, thank you! I've gone for a bit of a compromise - still set like the original ones I saw but cut away at the sides. And I'm glad someone else feels the same way about the husband/boyfriend thing! x

    Corbanater, not too late for comments but I have chosen already - I went for the diamond in the end, in white gold. I was actually told the same about aquamarines, though I do still really love them. x

    I cannot work out how to do pics but it's this ring (in white gold):

    Did I make the right choice?!

  • I definitely think you made the right choice; it's gorgeous. A friend of mine has an antique engagement ring in a very similar setting (albeit in yellow gold) because her boyf knew that she wanted a flat ring that wouldn't scratch her face etc. I think that makes it future proof, it's just the current trend is for claw settings.
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