What are your men wearing?

H2B and I need a bit of inspiration. Please share pics if you can!


  • Mine is fluctuating between wearing dark denim jeans and a tweed jacket, or actually putting a suit on (wow, I am honoured image )
  • july2011july2011 Posts: 817
    We went to the most traditional suit shop (for convenience - we have a big wedding party and some far-away people and the shop has all the suits there on the premises). Managed to steer away from tradition a little bit, but not much!

    Black trousers, white shit (winged collar), red cravat and a black waistcoat. No jacket.
  • Think we're going skinny 3 piece tweed suit image
  • Mine is wearing a plain dark suit from Reiss with a purple and white patterned shirt and a purple tie!
  • mine wants to wear a brocade, bit Victorian, with pinstripe trousers. Not sure his dad will want to though, he's been asking about suits....
  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    mine's wearing floral shirts, with a grey waistcoat, then all the men are styling the outfit themselves, own choice of trousers/jeans probably all end up in converse or something!

    I think it's nice that it's co-ordinated, but not too much image
  • Mine is having a suit made my 21st Century Kilts. Black or grey wool jacket and waistcoat with a traditional-ish kilt (modern cut, tartan fabric). Definitely more him than a Prince Charlie.
  • My man is wearing a Ted Baker 3 piece suit (I love a waistcoat, so sexy!) with a fab purple tie I got him for Christmas. He looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself!
  • They all sound fab! Trouble is my h2b isn't quite as unconventional as me. He's happy with all the other things we're planning, but I can't imagine him wearing a floral shirt and converse, as much as I would love him to. I think he'll probably end up in something quite traditional, but maybe with a quirky twist. I don't know hat though and could really use some photo inspiration!
  • misstriffy - here is a link the suit my H2B bought - I would say it's pretty traditional! They don't seem to do the waistcoat for it anymore (we hunted EVERYWHERE to find this!)


    We've funked it up a little bit with a floral shirt (not overly floral, it's white with white flowers that you can only really see on very close inspection) and I've bought him some funky purple socks to give him in his 'hamper' of stuff on the morning of the wedding. So quite traditional, but with a little twist.
  • I think we're just going for a black suit , purple tie, posssibly lilac or white shirt?? No w/cs , cravats for us!! image
  • Grey skinny suit, black shirt and silver/grey tie image
  • MIne has finally decided on the Victorian brocade (after approval from the folks) with a pirate shirt...not sure about himwearing a cravat or tie as the brocade neck is quite high.


    this is the one he wants. And I've just noticed the tie thingy in the picture....doh! image
  • My man is wearing a marcel evening suit and bow tie to fit in with our 20's theme image He looks lovely! We found a lovely independant shop where the lady has let us swap and change what we want (despite her initial fears of it being 'untraditional'!) Moss Bros were so unhelpful, really glad we found her!
  • Mu H2B likes the retro 80s look!!

    I have no idea what he's going to turn up in!! He may surprise me and want to go more traditional.. but we have ages yet, so not worth discussion yet.. he doesn't do too well with planning ahead, hence why i am doing all planning
  • misstriffymisstriffy Posts: 339
    I quite like the idea of waistcoat, with no jacket or tie. Not sure if that will work for our December wedding though. It's his decision, obviously, but it doesn't help to point him in the right direction, does it, especially as he doesn't know what he wants.image
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    Mine's looking at morning dress - almost ridiculously smart, with a bright royal blue waistcoat and tie (my colours). I think he shoudl wear a top hat and carry a walking stick too, but he isn't convinced. XD
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