Want something different to a standard Registrar?

I was just wondering, from a bride to a bride, whether you had considered how important the words are going to be on your special day?

I hadn't. All I could think about was the venue and the dress. But when it comes down to it, the words are the most important part.

When I was considering having a registrar service, I 'youtubed' the service. It was standard, legal and unromantic. I called the registry office and then said I couldn't even write my own vows!

So I decided to become a Celebrant myself and offer couples the opportunity to have the wedding ceremony they deserve. Personal. Romantic. And most importantly, about them as a couple. The ceremony still includes the same words as a registrar but I can add so much more around this. Meaningful words, readings, poems. I can even add religious references or bible readings should you wish. No restrictions just love, grace and joy and an exchange of words and rings.

On last thing, with a Celebrant you can have a wedding ceremony where ever you choose! You are not limited by licensed venues. This makes my service very competitive with price as most licensed venues hike the price right up for weddings.

I am offering free wedding ceremonies to the first couple to get in touch! I am based in Bristol but am willing to travel.

Please take a look at my site for more information:


Plus if you need any help writing your vows, just let me know! We do this free of charge!

Good luck all, its such an exciting time!


  • Hi I would love this but what about the legal side of things?
  • Hi Amy

    You would sign the marriage license at the registry office and the legal part is done! You literally have to sign and say 2 lines, the rest of the service is purely ceremonial and can be done anywhere, you don't even have to exchange rings!

    If you get the chance, read my blog entry on this, it explains it all really well:


    You can have a fully personalised service and have the words that are meaningful to you both. You can also choose any location with a Celebrant wedding.

    Where are you getting married?

    Nice to hear from you!
  • I see the date on this thread, so I’m guessing it’s a bit late but here goes!!

    Bear with me, it’s my first time on a forum!

    im looking for some advice, plan on getting married 2019, we have a very small budget, and found what we thought was the perfect venue 3 hours away. When arranging with friends and family, we were smacked with some unfortunate problems thanks to family, and now it transpires that we cannot have our dream wedding. 

    We had To cancel our venue and now have to have a local ceremony in order to benefit others. I’m a little sour about this but we’ve no choice.our dream was to have an out door wedding, small and intimate with loved ones. 

    Now we have realised that unless we win the lottery, local venues cost the earth and so we have no choice but to wed in a registry office. This really isn’t what we want but we cannot find a cheap alternative. Our reception is a garden marquee in a family members garden.. that bit is ok. 

    Does anyone know any cheap alternatives? I’ve trolled the internet but can’t find anything! 

    Appreciate some advice if there is any!

    many thanks 


  • LorraineHLorraineH Posts: 1

    Hi Vix

    Have you considered having a Celebrant (or family or friend?) lead a wedding ceremony for you in your family member’s garden? You could do the legal registration, at a register office either a day or so before, or after. If you go for the statutory registration it is £35 each to give Notice (which you would have to do if you were getting legally married in any venue) and £50 for the registration and a certificate of marriage. Most register offices don’t advertise these services but, by law, they all have to provide them. They tend to be during the week, early in the morning, and most limit to just you and two witnessea - but that’s all you need (it’s important because without it you aren’t legally married but it doesn’t have to be fancy or more expensive than this!)

    You’re then free to have a great, personalised and personal Big Day, with a bespoke wedding ceremony without any restrictions - and this is the day that you would celebrate as your wedding anniversary 


  • elvis4nutselvis4nuts Posts: 102

    This is what me & my other half are doing. We have found a beautiful Victorian village hall costing £250 for three days (so we can set up & clear down), a friend is hosting our ceremony so we can make it exactly how we want & then two days later we are going to the registry office with our mums for a basic registration of marriage! 

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