Something new something old etc

hi there

Just wondered if anyone was still having something old, new, borrowed and blue incorporated into their wedding outfit ? Or was not bothering ??


  • I think I will. My old will be my dress, my engagement ring, and pearls, blue will be my shoes and hopefully a huge bow on my dress. New will be my underwear. Not sure about borrowed, will have to ask around!

    We're not having a formal wedding, but I do like this tradition.
  • I am

    Something Old - My mummy's gater

    Something New - My dress!

    Something Borrowed - My sisters bad (which was made from the lace from our bridesmaids dresses for our parents wedding 24 years ago!)

    Something Blue - Blue undies!!

    Silver Six Pence in your Shoe - My mum has one ready for me!
  • Something old : My Nan's pearl broach

    Something new : Underwear, dress or wedding ring

    Something Borrowed : Stumped on this ine although it could also be wedding ring as i like a very snug fit & am paranoid mine wont go on on the day!

    Something Blue: My Best Friend who's hair will be blue image (also have i do sticker for shoes & garter)
  • I love that your friends hair is blue.

    One of my bestest girls, as pink hair ( I used too as well) so I think she will have pink hair at the wedding as well image
  • lornarobilornarobi Posts: 198
    hey ladies

    i am having..

    something old: photos of mr grandparents who have passed away they will be attached to my bouquet

    something new: shoes, dress, jewellry

    something borrowed: possibly my mums garter but unsure

    something blue: blue trim on my underwear and blue ribbon attached to my bouquet, may go for the blue i do crystals for my shoes too

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    Current plans:

    Something old: Wearing a bracelet H2B gave me one Christmas and a sixpence in my shoe that is from 1957 (Dad's year of birth).

    Something new:Lots of things! New tiara and a lovely new Swarovski necklace.

    Something borrowed: Like lots of brides, I'm still unsure about this one. Will probably be a last minute thing.

    Something blue: Got some really nice lace and satin Mimi Holliday lingerie. My petticoat will have a little blue ribbon on it and I'm thinking some blue 'I do stickers'.
  • Quoted:
    I love that your friends hair is blue. One of my bestest girls, as pink hair ( I used too as well) so I think she will have pink hair at the wedding as well

    Well it's not the whole head as she has the tank girl hairstyle so pretty much the tuft at the front. Although have just heard her mum is in hospital so fingers crossed she will be ok be able to make it. I did my hair pink once with food colouring looked like i had been murdered whem i washed my hair in the bath lol
  • hahaha!! That is brilliant..

    I think I've done mine 4 times lol And cause I have dark brown hair, I had to dye it bleach white blonde each time, nightmare. but it looks so awesome.
  • P.S tank girl is one of my all time fave films, brillaint
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    I love it when people are fun enough to dye their hair for the big day. My mum is seriously considering going for dark purple to keep in with my colours (she's done it before).

    My old will be my 'book bouquet'. I'm carrying a book from 1852 called 'romance and reality' and tying a peacock feather and a flower to it. I gave up stressing about what flowers to carry with a purple dress and figured books feature heavily in my wedding, so why not? Brides have done it before (although the book used to be the Bible.), and also the earrings my sister gave me one Chirstmas.

    My new is my outfit and wedding ring.

    I don't have a 'borrowed' yet, and I'm considering dyeing my brilliant white jupon a dark blue or it might look daft having this really white material showing under a very dark dress.
  • Hi ladies

    Something old- my nans gold watch which was given to me when she passed away.

    Something new- underwear tiara, shoes.

    Something borrowed- jewelery a set my dad gave to my mum years ago my sister wore it at her wedding 15 years ago so now I will be using it.

    Something blue- my flowers and my garter.
  • Steampunk arent your centerpieces books? Sure i saw pic that looks great.

    Clare as you can see from my profile pics my hair was pretty light (now currently brnette) so i think i've tried most colours on it but Kiz (bff) rarely has "natural" hair colour so would be wierd if she did. She mentioned in a convo that she had dyed it blue for a convention she was going to & i said well keep it blue & you can be my something blue she was made up.Dave has also told her he expects to see her blue she just laughed. Think it was coz years ago we were bridesmaids & our friend requested she dyed it natural (which she did well spft black. My Dad actually asked if i told her to cover up (she has full arm sleeve & few other tats). I was like umm no she is a guest and can do as she pleases. He got the hump as i had asked him previous to have same suit as h2b (which he isnt as he had already refused). Love your mum dyeing her hair steampunkx

    Just realised my borrowed could be my readings as i found them through other brides on this site we having "maybe" and the bob marley speech.
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Heya girls, some great ideas going! Here's mine:

    Something old- my wedding ring (which is also my engagement ring)

    Something new- my dress

    Something borrowed- my shoes are new however they have my h2b's tartan on it so I have 'borrowed' his tartan image

    Something blue- my flowers and eyes lol.
  • OMG I haven't even thought about any of this and I get married in less than a month!! Oops.

    My earrings are vintage clock hands so I guess that could be something old?? New dress..... Don't know about the rest image
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