No bouquet???

Is is necessary to have a bouquet?? We are still in the early planning stages and not planning on having many flowers at the wedding, I'm wanting a vintages feeling lace and pearl theme and can't find a bouquet that I would like. Has anyone not had a bouquet or carried something other than a bouquet? It's nothing to do with the cost of a bouquet or anything I just can't see why we have them, it detracts from the dress and for the rest of the wedding I probably won't be carrying it anyway x x


  • I'm not having a floral bouquet but a good friend of mine is making me a brooch bouquet, instead of buying all the brooches I've asked all female friends and family to let me borrow something of theirs to be in the bouquet, that way I have a wee bit of everybody in it and I'm also having my grannies wedding rings sown in to it too, they passed away before I was even born so I thought it nice to have a wee bit of them with me.
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    im not having flowers either ive gone for a small posy made from ribbons and pearls and brooches, heres a pic of mine and my 2 bm's ones xx

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    I suppose you dont have to carry anything but when I get nervous I never know what to do with my hands so I definately need something.

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    I am not sure if this will fit with your wedding, but my aunt (way back in the 70s) didn't have a bouquet.

    Instead she had a prayer book with a ribbon book mark in that she had pinned an orchid to. My mum said it looked really lovely and was so unusual.

    But if you are not having a religious wedding that might not work, though you could perhaps use a book that mean something to you?

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    How about something like a lace fan? Would fit with the vintage/lace theme and wouldn't be too obtrusive, but would give you something to hold. Like beesteacher, i'd need something in my hands- I have visions of walking down the aisle swinging my arms otherwise!

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    Oh, and I love the idea of the book, i'm giving some thought to stealing the idea myself (with a non-religious book). The ribbon with something pinned sounds so pretty.

  • LOVE the Fan idea! This looks gorgeous:




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    I am having a brooch bouquet. I dont really like fresh flowers. 

  • I made a bouquet made out of buttons stacked on wire. The flowers on the tables are made out of felt fabric again made by me.

    I don't get the whole carry flowers down either- same as cutting the cake!!
  • That fan is stunning!

    Feathers always look awesome on bouquets but another funky idea would be to have lace flowers and pearl brooches!


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    I have been looking at getting something like this, I was told it would cost about £80 - £100 for it.

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    the fan is soo cool!

    I love my brooch bouquet and really love your pearl poseys (sp) mrsd!

    i also like the idea of the book!


  • Hi ladies,

    I'm also thinking of going without the bouquet... I have seen a number of other ideas, both here & elsewhere on the web, but I'm just not sure I really want to carry anything at all... My only aprehension is that I will look stupid and uncomfortable.  I just can't really find any photos of other brides who've not carried anything - books, bags, fans, brooch bouquets, other accessories - but no empty handed brides!  Whilst all the above ideas are really lovely, they're just not me.  Does anybody have any further suggestions?  For the short time the bouquet is in use (i.e. walking down the aisle, for photos), should I even be concerned about being figgety?  

    All traditions have gone out the window with this wedding - my H2B has seen my dress; no 'bridesmaids' as such...Do I want to throw away another 'tradition'? What do you think?

    Here's the dress ('Taya' by Ghost, in Nude):




    (Didn't want to attach a pic directly but couldn't figure out how to just send a link, it went weird after I posted!) 

    What perhaps doesn't help is that H2B would be responsible for organising my bouquet, so I've no idea what to ask for... I would welcome suggestions for any flowers I might want to consider, but I just don't want anything big, extravagant, or expensive...

    Thank you xx

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    Amazing dress! I don't think you'll look silly not carrying anything, people probably won't even notice but it's all about how you feel. like some of the other girls have mentioned, I'd feel nervous with my arms dangling free and would want to hold onto something and keep them busy - usually it would be a drink in my hand thoughimage Is anyone walking you down the aisle? If so, linking arms or holding hands would keep at least one arm busy and then you might naturally want to wave at some of your guests as you walk down the aisle too so it wouldn't be like you're just walking to the bus stop, hehe, do you know what I mean? 

    An alternative idea if you did want to carry something with a purpose is that you could bring the rings in? on a cushion or in a box or whatever. Very untraditional and maybe it's a bit far out but it might work for you x

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    I am not a massive fan of bouquets either and have made a brooch bouquet for ours for that reason. I also didn't really want to carry anything but got sort of bullied into it by everyone else who apparently knows best. Sort of wish I had stuck to my guns!

    As I said to people originally, I manage to walk around 99% of the time with my hands empty and don't look daft, so why would carrying a bunch of flowers down an aisle be better? Stick to your guns. Your dress is beautiful and modern, don't cover it up!

    Also I agree that if someone is walking you down the aisle that can keep at least 1 arm busy anyway! X

  • Stunning dress. 

    We are having a flowerless wedding and are using Ditsy Bride for brooch and button biuquets etc 

  • Thank you, ladies!  You're right, we aren't always walking around with something in our hands and seem to manage ok.  I'll definitely walk down the aisle with someone, so linking arms with them will help immensly, but I am considering a little something else (the ring idea is good!).  I've been looking at accessories and found a cute clutch bag that would probably go with my dress - it might be redundant and I'll end up leaving it somewhere or asking someone to hold it for me anyway, but at least it's somewhat useful (phone, camera, tissues, lippie, etc.), and at a tiny fraction of the cost a bouquet would be!  

    SO glad I was thinking 'screw the bouquet', and so so so thankful I came across this thread!

    Only a few months to go, so let's see what happens!  Thanks again image

  • When I saw the picture of your dress, clutch bag was my first thought- I think it'd look super elegant.

    OBB has a post about not having a bouquet (and numerous posts about alternatives):

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    I am thinking a artificial flowers, possibly paper ones or brooch bouquet - although the one I saw in a wedding magazine that is nearly £1000 is a no go.

    Although if we commit to the Game of Thrones theme fully, dragons, dragons egg, a sword, a battle axe, shield...the options are endless.

    My Fiancée already has a pin with 3 dragon heads on it, thinking the hand of the king pins for the best men (yep 2 f them) and littlefingers mockingbird for the fathers - well they are helping fund the day and littlefinger was the master of coin.

  • Hello ladies!!

    it might sounds weird but the reason of the bouquet was originally this: once upon a time the couples used to have the wedding in May after the annual bath....( we are talking ages ago...!!!) but if the groom was still smelly the bride used to hold fresh flowers to cover the smell !!!if you can handle your hands no bouquet is necessary and no bride should think how she'd look to the guests....if she feels great she looks terrific!!

    it depends on the type of wedding you have though might as well carry a small camera so you have the most unusual video or photos ever!!!

    if you would like some ideas for flowers ,you can have a look at some other brides at

    have in mind though that the most wonderful flowers in a wedding are the bride and the groom!!!!



  • Hi ladies,

    Just an update for you all… I am now very happily married and in the end I had no flowers whatsoever… Did I feel they were missing?  Not at all.  Our wedding wasn't traditional in that there was no walking down the aisle, but at the points where I was 'walking', I just was linked arms with hubby…I cannot imagine a bunch of flowers being more natural than that!

    1779100_10152368615667952_1228349908_n.jpg (Yes, he does not look too smart but did it matter? Not to me!)

    I hope you will be able to see the above photo, but if not I can definitely try to attach another one afterwards.

    My biggest advice for anyone would be to do what feels right for you.  I got wonderful advice off a lot of people, but ultimately I knew what I wanted, and I'm so glad I stuck to my instinct.



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