Theme help...what to choose!?

I'm getting into a bit of a fluster with planning/themes and whatnot; hoping somebody here is a little bit more creative and/or organised than me and can help!

I'm very religious, so we're getting married in my local church (with two Vicars wanting to be involved in the ceremony, no less, as they're both friends of clue how they'll arrange this!), then organising a super budget wedding reception afterwards.  The theme is giving me a headache.  Here's the problem/problems I'm having:

I'm heavily tattooed, have facial piercings, majorly 90's grunge with my clothing (usually) with a heavy goth influence, but also love 50's rock n roll style stuff and vintage floral things too (and I do sometimes combine various elements of the above in one insane outfit).  While I love the pin-up style I just don't carry it off well, so my make-up artist friend's idea of me having flicked eyeliner and bright red lips, while gorgeous in theory, would make me uncomfortable all day, as it's just not me.  I'm a huge literature, film and internet geek - memes make me happy, as does classical literature, and we have an epic film collection.  I'm also a big fan of countryside type stuff - think River Cottage; everyone sat round on hay bales, picnics, locally sourced food etc.

The fella and I are both really into rock, of all kinds - we're pretty eclectic.  He plays lead guitar in a band and our house is full of guitars.  He's very relaxed in how he dresses - he's pretty much Southern Comfort in human form: whatever's comfortable.  

How much of this can we incorporate into the reception without it taking the insanity just TOO FAR?  We had an idea of having a delorian for our wedding transport, if we can get it, but if not we're thinking of hiring a hot rod truck (although the fella's aunt knows a guy who collects tanks, who has said we can borrow one...he'd deal with the legalities of it, I'm not ruling it right out because, seriously, who turns up to their wedding in a tank?  It'd be awesome...but definitely adds to the theme confusion as it doesn't fit with anything else).  The signing board will me a vinyl record with our names, the date etc mounted onto a framed board, and I'm contemplating either white docs or designed converse under my dress.  

I'm sorry, I've banged on. You can see how confused I'm getting here.  Does anyone have any clever ideas for how we can incorporate all the aspects of 'us' into the day without it just being a mess?  I'd love some ideas for invitations, placecards, for the seating plan, for cheap DIY decorations, for colours etc...I'm not even sure if we're doing favours yet but if anyone can think of something I'd love to hear about it!


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Wow!  Still trying to get my head around everything (before I can offer any real help or suggestions!) but what I will say is that your wedding should be a celebration of you and your husband- you're clearly a very 'eclectic' (hate that word, but you know what I mean!) couple with very diverse interests and hobbies, and I think to some extent your big day should reflect that.  I can totally understand the desire for some form of cohesion though, and if you can pin down some form of loose 'theme' it will make planning loads easier.  What time are you getting married?  You could have a 'theme' for your day reception but then change things up a bit in the evening? x 

  • LollybearLollybear Posts: 548

    WOW! that is amazing (I am so jealous about the Tank I really wanted one for my wedding transport but it would have cost £2k!) 

    We don't really have a theme as such, we are taking elements from our relationship, so the letters that we sent to each other when my H2B lived abroad, our mutual love of history, my love of cocktails! and his love  of order and organisation. 

    When I read all of it one word did pop in my head- Icons. Of music, film, literature and with a little play on words the internet. 

    I am sure it will come together just as you want and contrary to popular belief you don't NEED a theme. 


    PS we are also having two vicars- they are like the two Ronnies so it could all end in hysterics! 

  • Owly-MeOwly-Me Posts: 134

    Lollybear you STAR, Icons is a great idea to try to link some things together!  I love that you're taking things from your relationship; I'm a huge fan of people making their weddings personal to them (like JodieLou said, I think it should be a celebration of the couple).  While weddings with a colour/season theme can be stunning, I just want ours to be a little (or a lot) on the quirky side!

    We've got (one of) the Vicar(s) coming round later for a beer/bit of a jam session so will be having a chat about wedding related things tonight, no doubt...then will be booking the church within a week.  We're off to have a nose round a venue next week too, so it looks like things may kick off pretty quickly from this point onwards...eek!  Loving that you have two Ronnies least it's not three stooges - slapstick fights mid-ceremony image

    I had been thinking that maybe we could do away with the theme and just go completely nuts on just cramming everything in there, but think I may be giving the fella a headache.  Hence why I'm now on here - giving the poor guy a break...

  • Tasha 3Tasha 3 Posts: 1

    Hello, I'm recently new to here but I was in the same predicament as you are. My h2b and I love video games, sci-fi, graphic novels, marvel, dc, japanese manga, literacy, martial arts... it was a major headache! We have now decided to stick with a Smallville/Superman theme with reds, blues and bits of green kryptonite dotted around but I found this picture on pinterest when i was searching for ideas which i thought was very cool for the seating plan. Hope it helps image

  • Sarah C89Sarah C89 Posts: 368 New bride

    Owly me I think you've been given some super advice here already, but I couldn't walk awaywithout saying the one thing that really stood out to me was that a festival feel would work really well with the things you love, but I'm pretty sure when you choose a venue (unless it's a total blank canvas) it will probably guide you to a particular "feel" for your day, best of luck! X

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