Free Funky Urban Style Couple / Engagement Photoshoot

Hi there, 

I am looking for a couple who would let me photograph them in an urban city style setting (using lots of cool and funky graffiti, brick walls, doorways, etc as backgrounds!). image

I would do the shoot for free (with cd of edited pics) in return for letting me use the final images on my website or promotional materials for my business. 

Photoshoot would have to take place around the Birmingham area. 

Let me know if you are interested. image 


  • Gutted! This is EXACTLY how I want my wedding photography on our big day. very urban city feel, however were up in Lancashire image 

  • Hi WeddingDayDramas; Sorry but Lancashire is too far out for me to come for the engagement shoot. 
    I do travel for wedding photography though so if you are looking for a photographer then let me know. 
    If not I hope that you have an amazing wedding day and photos anyway! image 

  • Have now found a couple so offer is now closed. Thanks for looking! image

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