Camping on the night of the Wedding, would you do it?

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask some advice from any alternative/unconventional/natural or outdoorsy B2B!

We have not long bought a campervan - a luxury converted long wheel base VW transporter, it's very plush and modern and really well finished (even if I do say so myself lol) and we have had a neighbour mention that we should offer it for rental to couples on their Wedding night which I had never thought of.

I don't think I would do that myself but I can definitely see the appeal - I have already been to two outdoorsy weddings where the couple camped in tents on their Wedding night, so I guess a plush campervan is a nice step up from sleeping in a tent with all of the same feel of being outdoors and keeping it natural. (And being warm!) There is even a wine cooler bucket in there!

What do you think, would you do this? Has anyone done this already?


  • I'm not sure i would do it on the night of my wedding, I would think about hiring one for holidays though 

  • We have a marquee venue here in Kent.

    We offer complimentary camping to our brides  guests. Several have brought along camper vans instead of tents.

    So yes, I'm sure there would be a market for hiring yours out.

    If you are near Kent prehaps you would like to offer it to our brides and their guests?

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