Hi, I've been looking through lots of threads but haven't find any discussion on this topic yet.

Has anyone ever bought from this website: ?

I'm getting married July 2015 in a castle, and I'm very much into gothic metal, so we decided to give our wedding a slightly gothic hint. I'll be wearing an ivory dress, my h2b a black suite, but we'll be both wearing pieces of jewelry or accessories burgundy. Our most important guests, as well as witnesses and bridesmaids, will be wearing burgundy, and the overall dress code is going to be: burgundy, wine, dark plum.

I've been looking through loads of websites and the only one which really convinces me is this "gothic weddings", also because I couldn't afford too an expensive dress. Their dresses look absolutely stunning and reflect exactly the style I have in mind. Though the fact they're in Australia and I'm in the UK doesn't convince me that much… i mean, are they reliable? And to what extent would it be safe to buy a wedding dress from the other side of the world, especially without trying it on first? What if it doesn't fit me, or I don't like what I look like?

I was wondering if anyone has ever gone through a similar experience.

Thank you in advance! 

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